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DJ NOCTURNA will be spinning on March10 at Next Door

As a respective representative of the goth, industrial, 80s music scenes, DJ NOCTURNA has been promoting events in Honolulu for over 16 years, throwing parties  and/or DJing at events such as The Vampires Ball, The Venetian Mask Ball, The Dark Mask Ball, Count Dracula Hawaii, Miss Vamp Hawaii, The Goth Prom, Hawaii Horror Ball, 80s Pop Muzik which ran for 7 years, just to name a few and the  popular weekly Wednesday party, Acid Wash.

DJ Nocturna

Photo by Rich Kim ( http://www.blinkofaniproductions.com )

DJ Nocturna

Illustration by James Nakamura

Through her passion for music and radio, DJ NOCTURNA started as a radio broadcaster at Public Radio KPRG 89.3  in 1998. Currently she is the host of one of  KTUH’s  longest running radio shows, A FEAST OF FRIENDS held every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm   http://www.ktuh.org

DJ NOCTURNA enjoys meeting new people, making new friends and doing interviews with various entertainers in the local art, theatre and music scene and abroad, some of which include : Andy Rourke of the Smiths; Devo’s Jerry Casale; Terri Nun of Berlin; Dave Wakeling of the English Beat; Voltaire; Andy Deane ; Jill Tracy;  Unwoman;  Olli Wisdom of the Specimen, Paul Roessler of 45 Grave, Johnny Indovina of Human Drama, Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 and more recently, Martin Bowes of Attrition and David J, bassist of Bauhaus, just to name a few.  She’s remembers the interview with the late, James MacArthur aka Danno from the original cast of Hawaii-Five O.

As a contributing writer for the Honolulu Star Advertiser/TGIF her interviews included  Adam Ant, Joy Division’s bass player Peter Hook, Roy Hay of the Culture Club and Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard who directed Nick Cave’s documentary, 20,000 Days on Earth.

Two of her favorite interviews are with fetish queen, neo burlesque performer, MASUIMI MAX  http://masuimimax.com/  and CEO and founder of PIN UP GIRL CLOTHING, LAURA BYRNES.  https://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/


Masuimi Max


Pin Up Girl Clothing

Hope you can join us Tonight March 10, 2018 for MASUIMI MAX’s performance at Next Door ( 43 N. Hotel St) along with the PIN UP GIRL CLOTHING Fashion show and I Am Sin, vegan cosmetic line.  Performing with DJ NOCTURNA are  ANJANETTE THOMAS, MADAME X, LA FEMME RIKITA, DJs NIGHT FOX AND GSPOT. 

Details :  http://djnocturna.com/masuimi-max-performing-in-hawaii-march-10-2018/

Masuimi Max

Masuimi Max


Thank you to the models, Alice Demize, Morat, Sensually Yours, Chaos Inc, Rock Star Tattoo, Nephilim Halls & the Hawaii Horror Ball.  

This event also wouldn’t have taken place without the love, passion and dedication of the beautiful gorgeous burlesque dancer, make up artist /hair stylist- the super talented and amazing TRACY LASHES ! THANK YOU TRACY  ! ❤

Tracy Lashes

Photo: DJ Nocturna

Karen Tracewell

Photo: Marie Eriel Hobro





KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for December 10, 2016

  1. David Bowie- Heroes (German version)
  2. Nina Hagen-Du hast den farbfilm vergessen
  3. Joy Division- Passover
  4. New Order- 1963
  5. New Order- Turn
  6. Red Flag- If I ever (Extended remix)
  7. Michael Penn- No Myth
  8. Midge Ure- If I was
  9. Ultravox-Dancing with tears in my eyes
  10. Paul Weller Vs. Portishead- Wild Wood (Sheared Wood remix)
  11. Psychedelic Furs- Valentine
  12. Shakespeare’s Sister-Stay
  13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Cut Down
  14. The Wolfgang Press- I’m coming home (mama)
  15. Unrest-Love to know
  16. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Suzanne
  17. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Salt of the sea
  18. Pink n Ruby-Ama
  19. Lycia- Broken Days
  20. Tara Vanflower- Black Fuzzy
  21. Revue Noir- Amsterdam
  22. Jill Tracy- The Fine Art of Poisoning
  23. Rasputina- All Tomorrow’s Parties
  24. Unwoman- The Heroine
  25. Hungry Ghost- Heaven is a dark place
  26. The Wake- Watchtower
  27. Mark Nicholas- Coming Clean
  28. Geneviève Pasquier-Blitzkrieg Baby Part 1
  29. Sebastian R. Komor & XP8-Violent Playground
  30. Einsturzende Neubauten– Headcleaner
  31. Orgy- Blue Monday
  32. Blank and Jones Featuring Robert Smith- A Forest
  33. Gary Numan- Pure
  34. Bryan Ferry- Send in the Clowns
  35. 10,000 Maniacs & Michael Stipe- To Sir with Love
  36. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Higgs Bosom Blues


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for December 3, 2016

  1. Cocteau Twins- Sign’s Smell of Farewell
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Blow the House Down
  3. Xmal Deutschland- Tag Fur Tag
  4. Until December- Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  5. Lisa Gerard- Human Game
  6. Bjork- Pleasure is all mine
  7. Bjork-Cosmogony
  8. Kate Bush/David Gilmour-Running up that hill
  9. Gene Loves Jezebel-Always a Flame
  10. Public Image Limited-Albatross
  11. Diamanda Galas- Cris D’Aveugle
  12. Nina Hagen- Born in Xixax
  13. The Prunes- In the Night
  14. The Virgin Prunes-Ulakanakulot
  15. Lisa Gerard- Tempest
  16. Sisters of Mercy- No Time to Cry
  17. Felony- The Fanatic
  18. Boytronic-Tears
  19. The Smiths-The Queen is Dead (original unedited version)
  20. This Mortal Coil-Ivy and Neet
  21. A Certain Ratio-Rialto
  22. Carol and Snowy Red-Breakdown
  23. Keith Le Blanc-Einstein (Extended remix)
  24. In Sotto Voce-Sequence II
  25. Throbbing Gristle- United
  26. Trisomie 21-One Last Play
  27. Japan- Night Porter
  28. Tears for Fears-Suffer the Children (Remix)
  29. The Bolshoi- Hail Mary
  30. The Mission Uk- Dancing Barefoot
  31. Wire Train- I’ll do you
  32. Alison Moyet- Invisible (The Transparent Mix)
  33. Propaganda- Dr. Mabuse (12 Inch Mix)


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for August 13, 2016

1) Position- Leisurehive
2) Joy Division- Shadowplay (The Martin Hannett Sessions)
3) Peter Hook & the Light – Disorder (From Unknown Pleasures- Live in Australia)
4) Alain Goraguer- Deshominisation (I) From Fantastic Planet
5) Massive Attack- The Spoils featuring Hope Sandoval
6) Rakta- Raiz Forte
7) White Ring- Ixc999
8) White Ring- Leprosy (Recorded in SF)
9) Current 93- All the Pretty Little Horses
10) The Wolfgang Press- God’s Number
11) X-TG-Featuring Marc Almond- The Falconer (Tribute to Nico’s 1970’s album, Desertshore)
12) oOoOO- Break yr Heart
13) Dif Juz- Soarn
14) Alain Goraguer- La Femme -From Fantastic Planet
15) Heavenly Bodies- Shades of Love
16) Reliquary- Dreams Torn Apart
17) Nick Drake- Horn
18) Death in June- Hullo angel
19) Cocteau Twins- Alice
20) Stoa- Partus
21) Persephone- Spirit
22) Soul Merchants- When I smile
23) Until December- Until December
24) Martin Gore- Loverman (Tribute to Nick Cave)
25) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- We came along this road
26) Boys Next Door- Shivers
27) X-TG Featuring Antony- Janitor of Lunacy (Tribute to Nico’s 1970’s album, Desertshore)
28) X-TG- Emerge to Space Jazz (Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson, from The Final Report )
29) Ennio Morricone- Corleone
30) The Sound- Skeletons
31) Second Layer- Definition of Honour
32) Crime and the City Solution-The Colonel (Doesn’t call anymore)
33) The Passage- Fleck
34) David Bowie- Cygnet Committee
35) Clan of Xymox- Farewell
36) Christian Death- Sleepwalk
37) White Ring- Suffocation

A Feast of Friends Playlist for July 23, 2016

A FEAST OF FRIENDS with DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania
KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, July 23, 2016

1) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Sad Waters
2) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The Mercy Seat- Acoustic version
3) Siouxsie and the Banshees- The Sweetest Chill
4) The Changelings-Sunday Morning (Lou Reed)
5) The Chameleons- Seriocity
6) Laurie Anderson- Walking and Falling
7) And Also The Trees-Macbeth’s Head
8) And Also The Trees- The Pear Tree (Sweet re-mix) Robert Smith remix
9) Joy Division- Insight
10) Clan of Xymox- Consolation
11) Sisters of Mercy- Driven like the Snow
12) Lowlife- Eternity Road (7″ version)
13) David Bowie- Time
14) Gene Loves Jezebel- Heartache
15) Bryan Ferry- Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley )
16) David J & Jill Tracy-Bela Lugosi’s Dead ( Undead is Forever)
17) Pet Shop Boys- Vampires
18) Depeche Mode- But Not tonight
19) New Order- Elegia- Full version
20) Portishead- SOS (Abba)
21) Massive Attack- Group Four (feat Elizabeth Fraser)
22) Portishead- Theme From To Kill A Dead Man
23) Portishead- Requiem for Anna
24) Nick Cave- Avalanche 2015 (Leonard Cohen)
25) Malcolm McLaren- About Her
26) Nick Cave- Till the End of the World (I’ll Love You)

A Feast of Friends playlist for June 25, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 25, 2016

1) The Cure- 10:15 Saturday Night
2) The Cure- Just one kiss
3) The Cure- Breathe
4) Siouxsie and the Banshees- Bring me the head of the Preacher Man
5) Visage- In the year 2525
6) Blancmange- Living on the ceiling
7) Midge Ure- After a fashion
8) Ultravox- Dancing with tears in my eyes
9) Culture Club- I’ll tumble 4 ya
10) David Bowie- Wild is the wind
11) Nick Cave and Anita Lane- I love you..nor do I
12) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minogue- Where the Wild Roses Grow
13) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
14) Lydia Lunch- Spooky
15) Bauhaus- Hollow Hills
16) Swans- Our love lies
17) Depeche Mode- It doesn’t matter two
18) Criminal Asylum- Fenrir
19) Die Form- Imagine
20) Sieben- Dead Bird
21) Diorama- LSW
22) Unwoman- Hurt
23) Peter Murphy- I’ll fall with your knife
24) The Smiths- Back to the old house
25) The Smiths- Never had no one ever
26) Sandie Shaw, featuring the Smiths- Jeanne
27) The Culture Club- Church of the Poison mind
28) The Culture Club- The Crying Game
29) The Culture Club- Everything I own
30) The Culture Club- Victims
31) The Book of Love- Yellow sky
32) The Culture Club- Move away

(DJ Jojo subbing for me)
33) My Bloody Valentine- I only said
34) And also the trees- So this is Silence
35) Swans- Love of life

A Feast of Friends Playlist For June 18, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 18, 2016

1) The Cure- Siamese Twins
2) The Cure- Kyoto song
3) The Culture Club-Love is Love
4) Gene Loves Jezebel- The motion of love
5) Section 25- Girls don’t count

Interview Mark Tarone (Summer Breeze, Hawaii Polo event)

6) Modern English- Swans on glass
7) The Teardrop Explodes- Kilimanjaro
8) Dead Can Dance- Persephone (the gathering of flowers)
9) Malcolm McLaren- Madam Butterfly
10) Japan- Ghosts
11) The Unwanted- These boots are made for walking

* Interview with Olli Wisdom, frontman of the Specimen and founder of the Legendary club, Batcave in London

12) Specimen- Tell Tail
13) Specimen- Dead Man’s Autochop
14) The Soft Boys- Cold Turkey
15) New Order- Restless ( Extended bonus mix)
16) Psychic TV- Tribal( Dance mix) CRAIG ELLENWOOD
17) Depeche Mode- Everything counts (7 inch mix)
18) Fad Gadget- Coitus Interruptus
19) Theatre of Hate- Propaganda
20) Jesus and Mary Chain- Who do you love?
21) The Culture Club- Starman
22) The Culture Club- More than Silence
23) The Cure- Speak my language
24) The Bolshoi- Hail Mary
25) Killing Joke- Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)
26) Phil Manzanera/Brian Eno- Third Uncle (Live)
27) Boy George – Amazing Grace (Acoustic)
28) Marc Almond- My Death
29) PIL- Albatross
30) Gary Numan- I die, you die
31) Red Flag- Broken Heart

A Feast of Friends Playlist for June 11, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 11, 2016

1) Clan of Xymox- Medusa
2) The Cure- The Drowning Man
3) The Cure-It’s not you
4) The Cure- The Top
5) The Culture Club-Victims
6) Visage-Der Amboss
7) Heaven 17- Freedom from Love
8) David Bowie- Chant of the ever circling Skeletal Family
9) Skeletal Family- Hands on the clock
10) Gene Loves Jezebel- Always a Flame
11) The Virgin Prunes- Love last forever
12) Click Click- She can
13) The Damned- Shadow of Love
14) Andi Sex Gang- Dying Fall
15) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Song of Joy
16) Crime and City Solution-Keepsake
17) Theatre of Hate- Do you believe in the Westworld
18) Spear of Destiny- Never take me alive
19) Christian Death- We fall like love
20) Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr
21) Specimen- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
22) Alien Sex Fiend- Magic
23) Norma Loy- 1964 Shadows
24) The Cure- Play for today
25) When in Rome- The Promise
26) Duran Duran- Lay Lady lady
27) Spandau Ballet- Only when you leave
28) The Culture Club- Do you really want to hurt me ?
29) Soft Cell- Memorabilla
30) Adam Ant- Vive Le Rock (remix)
31) Bow Wow Wow- Prince of Darkness (Sinner Sinner Sinner)
32) The Cult- Black Angel
33) Magazine- The light pours out of me
34) Velvet Underground- The Murder Mystery (Closet mix)
35) Nick Cave – Time Jesum Transeuntum et non Riverentum
36) David Bowie- The Bewley Brothers

Malia Delapenia Talks to DJ Nocturna this Saturday October 4, 2014

Malia Delapenia founder of the Hawaii Dance Convention will be coming on A Feast of Friends radio show on KTUH 90.3 FM this
Saturday, October 4, 2014 6pm-9pm to talk about her latest and biggest event of the year:

10th Annual
Shimmy Showcase Gala Event

Hawaii Belly Dance Convention in partnership with Honolulu
Museum of Art present:
“Essence & The Unveiling “

The October 10th 2014 Shimmy Showcase will consist of TWO shows this year! Both shows will be held at the Doris Duke Theater, in The Honolulu Museum of Art 900 South Beretania Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96814.

Headliner performers include : Ashley López, from Portland, Oregon, Frank Farinaro, the beautiful Shahrzad from Washington DC, Amira from Las Vegas and more.. Also featuring Hawaii’s very own Shakti Dance Movement and Devi Dance Company, DJ Native Girl, Miss Vamp Hawaii 2013 Hannee Chong, Angela Nand, Tara Severns, Mabsy, Garden Nile Belly Dancers and of course Malia Delapenia and MORE….

10 – 14 October 2014

Visit http://www.hawaiibellydanceconvention.com for details and a sneak peak at the
world renown performers, amazing venues, and the excitement that is the
10th Annual Hawaii Belly Dance Convention.

Classic R&B SPECIAL Sunday 9-21-2014

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 6pm-9pm I sat in for DJ Jem and subbed the Treasure Chest show. Thank you DJ Jem !

Thank you all for listening to KTUH 90.3 FM. Hope you enjoyed the classic R & B, Soul and Motown selections. I am a big fan and grew up listening to classic R & B. For details on KTUH 90.3 FM Log on to http://www.ktuh.org If you have any questions, please message me or contact me djnocturna@gmail.com or
http://www.djnocturna.com or http://www.djnocturnaandlana.com

PLAYLIST for September 21, 2014

1) Al Green- Love and Happiness
2) Quincy Jones, featuring Benard Ighner- Everything must change
3) Joe Crocker-Sorry seems to be the hardest word ( Elton John/ Bernie Taupin)
4) Marvin Gaye- Stranger in your life
5) Diana Ross- Missing you
6) The Commodores- Still
7) Ambrosia, feat James Ingram, Michael McDonald and David Pack- I just can’t let you go
8) Stevie Wonder- The Shadow of your smile
9) Stevie Wonder- Visions
10) Ray, Goodman and Brown- Special Lady
11) Peaches and Herb- Four’s a Traffic Jam
12) The Stylistics- You’ll never get to Heaven
13) Fatback Band- Angel
14) Kool and the Gang- Jones vs. Jones
15) Earth, Wind and Fire- Reasons
16) Rare Earth- Warm Ride (Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb)
17) Tavares- More than a woman (Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb)
18) Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand- No more Tears
19) Thelma Houston- Don’t leave me this way
20) McFadden and Whitehead- Ain’t no stopping us now
21) Diana Ross/ Shirley Bassey (Mash-up)- Ain’t No mountain high enough/ Goldfinger
22) Nina Simone- Wild is the Wind
23) The Temptations- Just my imagination (Easy Mo Bee remix)
24) Michael Jackson- Ben
25) De Barge- Time will reveal
26) The Three Degrees- A Woman in love
27) Hot Chocolate- Emma
28) Diana Ross-Dark Side of the world
29) Patti Labelle/Michael Mcdonald- On my own
30) The Spinners- Mighty Love
31) Raydio- You can’t change that
32) Heatwave- Mind Blowing Decision
33) The Bar Kays- Running in and out of my life
34) Isley Brothers- Who’s that lady?
35) Aretha Franklin- Soul Serenade
36) Diana Ross- Sleepin
37) Marianne Faithfull- Black Girl
38) SOS Band- Just be good to me
39) Lana Saldania- Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
40) The Five Stairsteps- Ooh Child
41) Chic- I want your love
42) Shalamar- Make that move
43) Delegation- Where is the love?