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Feast of Friends


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for December 10, 2016

  1. David Bowie- Heroes (German version)
  2. Nina Hagen-Du hast den farbfilm vergessen
  3. Joy Division- Passover
  4. New Order- 1963
  5. New Order- Turn
  6. Red Flag- If I ever (Extended remix)
  7. Michael Penn- No Myth
  8. Midge Ure- If I was
  9. Ultravox-Dancing with tears in my eyes
  10. Paul Weller Vs. Portishead- Wild Wood (Sheared Wood remix)
  11. Psychedelic Furs- Valentine
  12. Shakespeare’s Sister-Stay
  13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Cut Down
  14. The Wolfgang Press- I’m coming home (mama)
  15. Unrest-Love to know
  16. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Suzanne
  17. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Salt of the sea
  18. Pink n Ruby-Ama
  19. Lycia- Broken Days
  20. Tara Vanflower- Black Fuzzy
  21. Revue Noir- Amsterdam
  22. Jill Tracy- The Fine Art of Poisoning
  23. Rasputina- All Tomorrow’s Parties
  24. Unwoman- The Heroine
  25. Hungry Ghost- Heaven is a dark place
  26. The Wake- Watchtower
  27. Mark Nicholas- Coming Clean
  28. Geneviève Pasquier-Blitzkrieg Baby Part 1
  29. Sebastian R. Komor & XP8-Violent Playground
  30. Einsturzende Neubauten– Headcleaner
  31. Orgy- Blue Monday
  32. Blank and Jones Featuring Robert Smith- A Forest
  33. Gary Numan- Pure
  34. Bryan Ferry- Send in the Clowns
  35. 10,000 Maniacs & Michael Stipe- To Sir with Love
  36. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Higgs Bosom Blues


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for December 3, 2016

  1. Cocteau Twins- Sign’s Smell of Farewell
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Blow the House Down
  3. Xmal Deutschland- Tag Fur Tag
  4. Until December- Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  5. Lisa Gerard- Human Game
  6. Bjork- Pleasure is all mine
  7. Bjork-Cosmogony
  8. Kate Bush/David Gilmour-Running up that hill
  9. Gene Loves Jezebel-Always a Flame
  10. Public Image Limited-Albatross
  11. Diamanda Galas- Cris D’Aveugle
  12. Nina Hagen- Born in Xixax
  13. The Prunes- In the Night
  14. The Virgin Prunes-Ulakanakulot
  15. Lisa Gerard- Tempest
  16. Sisters of Mercy- No Time to Cry
  17. Felony- The Fanatic
  18. Boytronic-Tears
  19. The Smiths-The Queen is Dead (original unedited version)
  20. This Mortal Coil-Ivy and Neet
  21. A Certain Ratio-Rialto
  22. Carol and Snowy Red-Breakdown
  23. Keith Le Blanc-Einstein (Extended remix)
  24. In Sotto Voce-Sequence II
  25. Throbbing Gristle- United
  26. Trisomie 21-One Last Play
  27. Japan- Night Porter
  28. Tears for Fears-Suffer the Children (Remix)
  29. The Bolshoi- Hail Mary
  30. The Mission Uk- Dancing Barefoot
  31. Wire Train- I’ll do you
  32. Alison Moyet- Invisible (The Transparent Mix)
  33. Propaganda- Dr. Mabuse (12 Inch Mix)


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for August 13, 2016

1) Position- Leisurehive
2) Joy Division- Shadowplay (The Martin Hannett Sessions)
3) Peter Hook & the Light – Disorder (From Unknown Pleasures- Live in Australia)
4) Alain Goraguer- Deshominisation (I) From Fantastic Planet
5) Massive Attack- The Spoils featuring Hope Sandoval
6) Rakta- Raiz Forte
7) White Ring- Ixc999
8) White Ring- Leprosy (Recorded in SF)
9) Current 93- All the Pretty Little Horses
10) The Wolfgang Press- God’s Number
11) X-TG-Featuring Marc Almond- The Falconer (Tribute to Nico’s 1970’s album, Desertshore)
12) oOoOO- Break yr Heart
13) Dif Juz- Soarn
14) Alain Goraguer- La Femme -From Fantastic Planet
15) Heavenly Bodies- Shades of Love
16) Reliquary- Dreams Torn Apart
17) Nick Drake- Horn
18) Death in June- Hullo angel
19) Cocteau Twins- Alice
20) Stoa- Partus
21) Persephone- Spirit
22) Soul Merchants- When I smile
23) Until December- Until December
24) Martin Gore- Loverman (Tribute to Nick Cave)
25) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- We came along this road
26) Boys Next Door- Shivers
27) X-TG Featuring Antony- Janitor of Lunacy (Tribute to Nico’s 1970’s album, Desertshore)
28) X-TG- Emerge to Space Jazz (Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson, from The Final Report )
29) Ennio Morricone- Corleone
30) The Sound- Skeletons
31) Second Layer- Definition of Honour
32) Crime and the City Solution-The Colonel (Doesn’t call anymore)
33) The Passage- Fleck
34) David Bowie- Cygnet Committee
35) Clan of Xymox- Farewell
36) Christian Death- Sleepwalk
37) White Ring- Suffocation

A Feast of Friends Playlist for July 23, 2016

A FEAST OF FRIENDS with DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania
KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, July 23, 2016

1) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Sad Waters
2) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The Mercy Seat- Acoustic version
3) Siouxsie and the Banshees- The Sweetest Chill
4) The Changelings-Sunday Morning (Lou Reed)
5) The Chameleons- Seriocity
6) Laurie Anderson- Walking and Falling
7) And Also The Trees-Macbeth’s Head
8) And Also The Trees- The Pear Tree (Sweet re-mix) Robert Smith remix
9) Joy Division- Insight
10) Clan of Xymox- Consolation
11) Sisters of Mercy- Driven like the Snow
12) Lowlife- Eternity Road (7″ version)
13) David Bowie- Time
14) Gene Loves Jezebel- Heartache
15) Bryan Ferry- Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley )
16) David J & Jill Tracy-Bela Lugosi’s Dead ( Undead is Forever)
17) Pet Shop Boys- Vampires
18) Depeche Mode- But Not tonight
19) New Order- Elegia- Full version
20) Portishead- SOS (Abba)
21) Massive Attack- Group Four (feat Elizabeth Fraser)
22) Portishead- Theme From To Kill A Dead Man
23) Portishead- Requiem for Anna
24) Nick Cave- Avalanche 2015 (Leonard Cohen)
25) Malcolm McLaren- About Her
26) Nick Cave- Till the End of the World (I’ll Love You)

A Feast of Friends playlist for June 25, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 25, 2016

1) The Cure- 10:15 Saturday Night
2) The Cure- Just one kiss
3) The Cure- Breathe
4) Siouxsie and the Banshees- Bring me the head of the Preacher Man
5) Visage- In the year 2525
6) Blancmange- Living on the ceiling
7) Midge Ure- After a fashion
8) Ultravox- Dancing with tears in my eyes
9) Culture Club- I’ll tumble 4 ya
10) David Bowie- Wild is the wind
11) Nick Cave and Anita Lane- I love you..nor do I
12) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minogue- Where the Wild Roses Grow
13) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
14) Lydia Lunch- Spooky
15) Bauhaus- Hollow Hills
16) Swans- Our love lies
17) Depeche Mode- It doesn’t matter two
18) Criminal Asylum- Fenrir
19) Die Form- Imagine
20) Sieben- Dead Bird
21) Diorama- LSW
22) Unwoman- Hurt
23) Peter Murphy- I’ll fall with your knife
24) The Smiths- Back to the old house
25) The Smiths- Never had no one ever
26) Sandie Shaw, featuring the Smiths- Jeanne
27) The Culture Club- Church of the Poison mind
28) The Culture Club- The Crying Game
29) The Culture Club- Everything I own
30) The Culture Club- Victims
31) The Book of Love- Yellow sky
32) The Culture Club- Move away

(DJ Jojo subbing for me)
33) My Bloody Valentine- I only said
34) And also the trees- So this is Silence
35) Swans- Love of life

A Feast of Friends Playlist For June 18, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 18, 2016

1) The Cure- Siamese Twins
2) The Cure- Kyoto song
3) The Culture Club-Love is Love
4) Gene Loves Jezebel- The motion of love
5) Section 25- Girls don’t count

Interview Mark Tarone (Summer Breeze, Hawaii Polo event)

6) Modern English- Swans on glass
7) The Teardrop Explodes- Kilimanjaro
8) Dead Can Dance- Persephone (the gathering of flowers)
9) Malcolm McLaren- Madam Butterfly
10) Japan- Ghosts
11) The Unwanted- These boots are made for walking

* Interview with Olli Wisdom, frontman of the Specimen and founder of the Legendary club, Batcave in London

12) Specimen- Tell Tail
13) Specimen- Dead Man’s Autochop
14) The Soft Boys- Cold Turkey
15) New Order- Restless ( Extended bonus mix)
16) Psychic TV- Tribal( Dance mix) CRAIG ELLENWOOD
17) Depeche Mode- Everything counts (7 inch mix)
18) Fad Gadget- Coitus Interruptus
19) Theatre of Hate- Propaganda
20) Jesus and Mary Chain- Who do you love?
21) The Culture Club- Starman
22) The Culture Club- More than Silence
23) The Cure- Speak my language
24) The Bolshoi- Hail Mary
25) Killing Joke- Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)
26) Phil Manzanera/Brian Eno- Third Uncle (Live)
27) Boy George – Amazing Grace (Acoustic)
28) Marc Almond- My Death
29) PIL- Albatross
30) Gary Numan- I die, you die
31) Red Flag- Broken Heart

A Feast of Friends Playlist for June 11, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 11, 2016

1) Clan of Xymox- Medusa
2) The Cure- The Drowning Man
3) The Cure-It’s not you
4) The Cure- The Top
5) The Culture Club-Victims
6) Visage-Der Amboss
7) Heaven 17- Freedom from Love
8) David Bowie- Chant of the ever circling Skeletal Family
9) Skeletal Family- Hands on the clock
10) Gene Loves Jezebel- Always a Flame
11) The Virgin Prunes- Love last forever
12) Click Click- She can
13) The Damned- Shadow of Love
14) Andi Sex Gang- Dying Fall
15) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Song of Joy
16) Crime and City Solution-Keepsake
17) Theatre of Hate- Do you believe in the Westworld
18) Spear of Destiny- Never take me alive
19) Christian Death- We fall like love
20) Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr
21) Specimen- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
22) Alien Sex Fiend- Magic
23) Norma Loy- 1964 Shadows
24) The Cure- Play for today
25) When in Rome- The Promise
26) Duran Duran- Lay Lady lady
27) Spandau Ballet- Only when you leave
28) The Culture Club- Do you really want to hurt me ?
29) Soft Cell- Memorabilla
30) Adam Ant- Vive Le Rock (remix)
31) Bow Wow Wow- Prince of Darkness (Sinner Sinner Sinner)
32) The Cult- Black Angel
33) Magazine- The light pours out of me
34) Velvet Underground- The Murder Mystery (Closet mix)
35) Nick Cave – Time Jesum Transeuntum et non Riverentum
36) David Bowie- The Bewley Brothers