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Feast of Friends


Playlist for Saturday, December 9, 2017 with DJ Nocturna.
  1. Blonde Redhead- Messenger featuring David Sylvian
  2. Blonde Redhead- Melody (French Version)
  3. This Ascension- Carol of the Bells
  4. Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Forbidden  Colors
  5. Morrissey – The more you ignore me, the closer I get
  6. Audra- What your eyes had seen
  7. Voltaire- The Folly of Love
  8. Unto Ashes- Winter Born
  9. Fakeba- System Bi
  10. Jill Tracy- Haunted by the thought of you
  11. Lisa Gerrard/ Cye Wood- Sukhe
  12. Monumentum- Windfall
  13. Adams Family -Deck the Halls
  14. Attrition- Silent Night
  15. Tara Busch- Under My Skin
  16. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Face to Face
  17. David J- The Dog End of a Day Gone By
  18. Leonard Cohen- Treaty
  19. Nina Hagen- Ave Maria
  20. Nikki Jaine/ Ego Likeness- The Little Drummer Boy
  21. Annie Lennox- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  22. Paulina Cassidy- Angels we have heard
  23. Dead Can Dance- Lamma Bada ( Live )
  24. Delerium- Flowers become screen
  25. Jennifer Van Der Harten- Gleensleeves
  26. Mirabilis- Wexford Carol
  27. Faith and Disease- Silver and Gold
  28. The Cure- Fire in Cairo
  29. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Red Right Hand
  30. Flowers for Agatha- The Freedom Curse
  31. Thomas Leer- Private Plane
  32. Pink Turns Blue- The Lost Son
  33. Bauhaus – Swing the Heartache
  34. David J- The Sun Sets Soon on Heroes
  35. The Bolshoi- Crack in Smile
  36. Duran Duran- Perfect Day
  37. Lorraine- Heaven
  38. The Cult- Indian
  39. The Lightning Seeds- Perfect
  40. Bauhaus- All we ever wanted was everything


This is the playlist for Sunday, November 26, 2017 (12pm- 3pm) with DJ Nocturna.   Please check out my website: 

  1. The Church- Reptile
  2. The Church- The Unguarded Moment
  3. The Motels- Only the lonely
  4. B-Movie- Nowhere Girl
  5. Living in a box- Living in a box (Remixed by Arthur Baker)
  6. UltraVox- Reap the wild wind
  7. Midge Ure- If I was
  8. IceHouse- Hey little girl
  9. Talk Talk- Talk Talk
  10. Icicle Works – Love is a wonderful colour
  11. The Communards- Never can say goodbye
  12. Bronski Beat/ Marc Almond- I feel love
  13. Lush- When I die
  14. Dead or Alive- Baby don’t say goodbye
  15. Tears for Fears- Sowing the seeds of love (Wen’s overnight remix)
  16. The Cars- It’s not the night
  17. The Cars- Drive
  18. Murray Head- One night in Bangkok
  19. Haysi Fantaysee- Shiny Shiny
  20. Baltimora- Tarzan Boy (Extended dance version)
  21. Holly Johnson- Love Train (7″ mix)
  22. Frankie goes to Hollywood- Ferry cross the Mersey
  23. Grace Jones- Warm Leatherette
  24. The Smiths- Meat is Murder
  25. Sandie Shaw- Jeane
  26. Sandie Shaw-  I don’t owe you anything
  27. Lulu Kiss Me Dead- Ultimate Solution
  28. Momus- The Hairstyle of the Devil
  29. Lotus Eaters- It Hurts
  30. Troy Tate- Love is (Dance mix)
  31. Care- Love, Crowns and Crucifies
  32. The Wild Swans- Bringing home the ashes
  33. The The- Armageddon Days
  34. Magazine 60- Don Quichotte
  35. Book of Love- Tubular Bells/ Pretty Boys Pretty Girls (Regan’s House Medley)
  36. Modern Talking – Brother Louie



This is the playlist for Sunday, November 19, 2017 (12pm- 3pm) with DJ Nocturna.   Please check out my website:

70s-80s Playlist

  1. U2 – Love comes tumbling
  2. The Church- Columbus
  3. The Smiths- Accept yourself
  4. George Michael/ Wham- Careless Whisper
  5. The Style Council- Boy who cried wolf
  6. Spandau Ballet- Only when you leave
  7. Thompson Twins- King for a day
  8. The Culture Club- Do you really want to hurt me
  9. Pet Shop Boys- Opportunities ( Let’s make lots of money ) Original dance mix
  10. Sam Taylor- Wood/ Pet Shop Boys- I’m in love with a German Film Star
  11. Rupert Holmes -Answering machine
  12. Taco- Putting on the Ritz
  13. M- Pop Muzik
  14. Falco- Rock me Amadeus
  15. Dead or Alive- I cannot carry on
  16. ABC- How to be a zillionaire ( Bond St mix)
  17. Robert Palmer- I didn’t mean to turn you on  (Extended dance mix)
  18. The Power Station- Communication
  19. Psychedelic Furs- Heaven
  20. Psychedelic Furs- Sister Europe
  21. Shriekback- My spine is the bassline
  22. Yello- Downtown Samba
  23. Blondie- Rapture (Special Disco version)
  24. Love and Rockets- Ball of Confusion
  25. Pseudo Echo- Funkytown
  26. Planet P- Why me ?
  27. Red Flag- Russian Radio
  28. Billy Idol- Eyes Without a Face
  29. Stray Cats- She’s sexy and 17 (Long version)
  30. Romeo Void- A Girl in Trouble is a temporary thing
  31. Expose- Point of no return
  32. Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood
  33. Prince- 1999 (Full length version)
  34. The Bangles- Walk like an Egyptian (Extended Dance mix)
  35. New Order- Confusion
  36. Heaven 17- Let me go


Playlist for Saturday, November 25, 2017  with DJ Nocturna. For all events coming up, please check out my website:   Thank you for your continued support !

  1. The Eurythmics- Julia
  2. The Eurythmics- Here comes the rain again
  3. Love Spit Love- Change in the weather
  4. Love and Rockets- My drug
  5. Fortran 5- Crazy Earth (L’essence De Syd)
  6. Malcolm McLaren- Madam Butterfly
  7. Lisa Gerrard- Meltdown
  8. Anne Pigalle- Looking for Love
  9. Enigma- The child in us
  10. Conjure One- Sleep
  11. Delerium- Stopwatch Hearts (featuring Emily Haines)
  12. Leonard Cohen- Famous Blue Raincoat
  13. David J- The Fugitive
  14. INTERVIEW REPLAY of DAVID J,  BASSIST OF BAUHAUS AND LOVE AND ROCKETS – You can also hear it here on Soundcloud :
  15. David J- The day that David Bowie died
  16. Bauhaus- Crowds
  17. Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr
  18. Bauhaus- She’s in parties
  19. Love and Rockets- So alive
  20. Joy Division- Chance (Atmosphere)
  21. David Bowie- Warszawa
  22. Mission UK- Stay with me
  23. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Lime Tree Arbour
  24. Japan – Night Porter
  25. David J- Goth Girls in Southern California
  26. Peter Murphy- My last two weeks
  27. Love and Rockets- Holiday on the moon
  28. Billy Idol- The dead next door
  29. Siouxsie and the Banshees- You’re lost little girl
  30. Decima Victima- Tan Lejos
  31. The Neon Judgement- Chinese Black
  32. The Cult- Black Angel





Playlist for Saturday, November 18, 2017  (with Guest DJ Missy Black)


  1. Clan of Xymox- A Forest
  2. Clan of Xymox- Strange 9 to 9
  3. Attrition- The Internal Narrator
  4. Hawthorn – Tony Wakeford/ Matt Howden- Rose Coloured Sky
  5. Kirlian Camera- Eclipse (V.1994/B)
  6. Die Form- Transvisions
  7. Dead Can Dance- Ullyses
  8. INTERVIEW WITH NAGASITA   – Listen to the interview here
  9. Material Mantra
  10. DAVID J – All we ever wanted was everything- Listen here:
  11. Peter Murphy- Bewlay Brothers
  12. The Cure-10:15 Saturday Night
  13. Virgin Prunes- Baby Turns Blue
  14. Rozz Williams/ Gitane Demone- Flowers
  15. Yazoo (Only you )  2017
  16. New Order- Regret
  17. Sinead O’Connor- Sacrifice
  18. Depeche Mode- But Not Tonight
  19. UltraVox- Reap the Wild Wind
  20. OMD- Enola Gay


  1. Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal
  2. David Bowie- Let’s Dance
  3. Prince- I would Die  4 U
  4. Joy Division- She lost control
  5. Gary Numan- Matel
  6. Bauhaus- Lagartija Nick
  7. Peter Schilling- Major Tom (Coming home)
  8. A Flock of Seagulls- Space Age Love Song
  9. Book of Love- Boy
  10. Ministry- I wanted to tell her
  11. Depeche Mode- Strange Love
  12. The Cure- The Walk
  13. Nitzer Ebb- Murderous
  14. Soft Cell- Tainted Love
  15. Attrition- Thin Red Line
  16. Depeche Mode- Policy of Truth
  17. Dead or Alive- You spin me round (Murder mix)
  18. Paul Hardcastle- 19 (Destruction mix)


A Feast of Friends Playlist, November 11, 2017

Playlist for Saturday, November 11, 2017

  1. Massive Attack- Teardrop
  2. Morcheeba- Crimson
  3. Telepopmusik- Breathe
  4. Zero 7- Destiny
  5. Violet Indiana- Killer Eyes
  6. Mono- Life in Mono (Alice Band mix)
  7. Portishead- Roads
  8. Bjork- Bachelorette
  9. Mogwai- Take me somewhere nice
  10. This Mortal Coil- Strength of Strings
  11. Harold Budd/Elizabeth Fraser- Sea, swallow me
  12. Sneaker Pimps- 6 Underground
  13. Coil- Tainted Love
  14. Patti Smith- Land
  15. Carter Tutti Void- F=(2.3)
  16. XTG-All that is my own (From Nico’s DesertShore)
  17. Love and Rockets- Dog end of a day gone by
  18. Love and Rockets- No new tale to tell
  19. The Cult- Rain ( Here comes the)
  20. Ian Astbury- Devil’s Mouth
  21. Xymox- Dancing Barefoot
  22. The Sound- Unwritten Law
  23. Joy Division- Disorder
  24. The National- Guilty Party
  25. Killing Joke- Sanity
  26. Veda- Whiplash
  27. Christian Death- Sleepwalk
  28. Attrition- The Mouthless Dead
  29. Roe Enney- Comme Everyone
  30. HTRK- Ha
  31. Throwing Muses- Green
  32. Suede- So Young
  33. David J- I can’t shake this shadow of fear
  34. The Jesus and Mary Chain- The Hardest Walk
  35. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Playground Twist
  36. The Eurythmics- Here comes the rain again


KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for December 10, 2016

  1. David Bowie- Heroes (German version)
  2. Nina Hagen-Du hast den farbfilm vergessen
  3. Joy Division- Passover
  4. New Order- 1963
  5. New Order- Turn
  6. Red Flag- If I ever (Extended remix)
  7. Michael Penn- No Myth
  8. Midge Ure- If I was
  9. Ultravox-Dancing with tears in my eyes
  10. Paul Weller Vs. Portishead- Wild Wood (Sheared Wood remix)
  11. Psychedelic Furs- Valentine
  12. Shakespeare’s Sister-Stay
  13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Cut Down
  14. The Wolfgang Press- I’m coming home (mama)
  15. Unrest-Love to know
  16. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Suzanne
  17. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions-Salt of the sea
  18. Pink n Ruby-Ama
  19. Lycia- Broken Days
  20. Tara Vanflower- Black Fuzzy
  21. Revue Noir- Amsterdam
  22. Jill Tracy- The Fine Art of Poisoning
  23. Rasputina- All Tomorrow’s Parties
  24. Unwoman- The Heroine
  25. Hungry Ghost- Heaven is a dark place
  26. The Wake- Watchtower
  27. Mark Nicholas- Coming Clean
  28. Geneviève Pasquier-Blitzkrieg Baby Part 1
  29. Sebastian R. Komor & XP8-Violent Playground
  30. Einsturzende Neubauten– Headcleaner
  31. Orgy- Blue Monday
  32. Blank and Jones Featuring Robert Smith- A Forest
  33. Gary Numan- Pure
  34. Bryan Ferry- Send in the Clowns
  35. 10,000 Maniacs & Michael Stipe- To Sir with Love
  36. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Higgs Bosom Blues