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Calling all voyeurs  to join us this Friday night as the beautiful, seductive and in control, INDICA TORTURE will be performing for you on Friday, December 1, 2017 at the UNDERGROUND (1146 Fort Street) .  

The iconic bassist and one of the founders of the post punk band, BAUHAUS and LOVE AND ROCKETS will be performing for two nights in Honolulu: Friday, December 1,  2017, hosted by KINK CARNIVAL at the UNDERGROUND  and Saturday, December 2, 2017 at NEXT DOOR ( 43 N. Hotel Sreet)

Tickets are available now and they are going fast, $20 advance or $25 at the door.  If you want to go to both nights, you can purchase your tickets for $35 online :

We asked INDICA TORTURE somethings we always wanted to know  about her but were afraid to ask:

1) In a relationship are you dominant or submissive ? I don’t sub. Ever. 

2) Describe the type of performances that you do and how long have you been doing them? I do a wide variety of styles of performance.. but I prefer fetish performance art and kink in general. Some venues prefer I “tone it down” for  whatever licensing they have; which I do. I would never want to get the venue in trouble for My art (which is easier to do  than one would presume). 

3)Who do you take your inspiration from? Who are some of your inspirations and why do you like them? I guess if I’m choosing icons that embodied who I wanted to be from an early age, they would be Morticia Addams for her perfect romantic happiness accomplishments, her ability to balance family as well all of her other passions, and her zero-fucks-given attitude towards society.  Holly Wood (from cool world) for her dance talent, fashion sense, and ruthless ambition. Jessica Rabbit for her stage presence, musical talent, and devotion to family.. & Tank Girl, for all the reasons. I LOVE Tank Girl. 

4) what are some of your hobbies or passions? BDSM, Skateboarding, rock climbing, hiking, bikes, beaches, fine dining, cooking, and fighting the good fight

5) Tell us something we don’t know about you ? I don’t have a type. I can be attracted to a wide variety of human being regardless of gender, interests, body specifics, etc. 

6) Everyone has a fetish or two . What are some of your fetishes ?Latex, giant rubber sheets, and gallons of silicone based lubricant. Leather… so, so much leather.. Corsets, boots and heels shopping, and having My feet rubbed and toes sucked in the store.. also, people choosing to push their own personal boundaries of good ‘taste’ in the name of pleasing Me   .. 

7) What are your future goals in life? My retirement plans will be announced in due time.. just not yet. 

8) If you went out on a date, tell us your perfect date? I’ll come back to this one later because this is like a 3 page essay in itself. 

9) Tell us or describe one sexual fantasy? Vaginal / anal DP. You’d be surprised how shy guys get at the thought of their balls slapping up against another set of balls.  

10) Where are some favorite places you’ve been to and why do you like them?  Hawaii and NYC are My favorite spots in the US. There is always something fun to do, the food is amazing, and some of My best friends reside in them. 

11) Your favorite food and why ? I could survive off the right meat and cheese plate combination for the rest of My life if I needed to..

12) Are you an ocean or a river ? Please explain. An ocean because I’m hard to contain. 

13) Are you a jungle or a forest? Please explain. A jungle because I’m a little wild, but never cold

14) Are you the sun or the moon ? Please explain. Moon.. I always shine brighter at night. 

Indica Torture

Indica Torture

Indica Torture

Photo by Marie Eriel Hobro

Indica Torture




Burlesque performer, the beautiful and sensual  TRACY LASHES will be performing on Friday, December 1, 2017 at the DAVID J’s  live exclusive DJ performance, hosted by KINK CARNIVAL at the  Underground ( 1146 Fort St.,  Honolulu, Hawaii ). 

Get your tickets now $20 or $25 at the door or $35 for both nights Dec 1 and Dec 2.

 Here’s my interview with Tracy Lashes and these are her responses:

1) In a relationship are you dominant or submissive ?  I’m a Dominant.

2) Describe the type of performances that you do and how long have you been doing it?   My dance is burlesque with a twist of ballet, contort, weird, cosplay, and surprises. I’ve been doing burlesque for 7 years and ballet for 13 years.

3) Who do you take your inspiration from? Who are some of your inspirations and why do you like them?  My inspiration comes from a mixture of Lili st. Cyr , Blaze star, Marilyn Monroe, Dirty Martini, Sally Rand, cosplay , and Masuimi Max.

4) what are some of your hobbies or passions?  Hair, Special effects makeup, and dancing are my passion.

5) Tell us something we don’t know about you ?   I’m a huge collector of HR Giger autograph books, posters, and art. 

6) Everyone has a fetish or two . What are some of your fetishes ? I love biting necks, face sitting ( which I’m the one sitting on peoples faces 😉) , and spanking .

7) What are your future goals in life? To be a special effects makeup artist for movies and a traveling burlesque artist .

8) Tell us or describe one sexual fantasy.   I love the movie legend I think my fantasy would be the part when Darkness played by Tim Curry comes out from the mirror and walks up to lili and awakes her. I would love to be lili 😉

9) where are some favorite places you’ve been to and why do you like the?  One of my favorite places I’ve been to is Germany!! It’s so beautiful and the people there are so diverse. Lots of holidays! 

10) Your favorite food and why ?  Korean food is my favorite! It’s so spicy like me 😉 lol 

11) Are you an ocean or a river ? Please explain.   I think I’m an ocean because it’s so big and so much things that’s still a mystery. A river has limits and I don’t really have limits. Life gives you a lot to deal with and sometimes we don’t know what’s coming ahead or to be expected. 

12) Are you a jungle or a forest? Please explain.  I think I’m a forest. With me people see what they see on the outside with my tattoos, weight, and piercings, but when they get to know me it can be an unexpected surprise. Like a forest people see it might be scary and not so beautiful but when you look deep in a forest it can surprise you and you can find some of the beautiful things to photograph. 

13) Are you the sun or the moon ? Please explain.  I’m definitely a moon. I’m mostly alive at night. I’m not a day person mostly grumpy when I first get up and try to figure out my day. Also the moon shines really brite at night compare to a sun it would hurt your eyes when you look upon it. I don’t like to burn people I love people to see me and see the real me and sometimes people can see it in the strangest places.  

Tracy Lashes

Tracy Lashes

tracy Lashes

Tracy Lashes

Tracy Lashes

tracy Lashes

ALL 80s ALL NIGHT this Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at NEXT DOOR

I was invited by MISSY BLACK to dj with her at her WEDNESDAY gig on November 22nd  called  ALL 80s ALL NIGHT, an 80s theme party, the first theme night for Alt Wednesday. The event celebrates the beautiful decade of the 1980s, a decade influenced by music, fashion, MTV,   icons and so much more !

ALT WEDNESDAY is  a weekly event, held at NEXT DOOR (43 N, Hotel St).  This is a special first theme night for Alt Wednesday and special for all of us because the following day is a holiday ! It’s a great time to be out and about this Wednesday night because the bars in Chinatown will be hosting a pub-crawl to kick off the start of the holiday season. 

NEXT DOOR  will also be having a FREE MOVIE SCREENING  starting at 8pm of the original classic BLADE RUNNER, the film directed by Ridley Scott in 1982, adapted from the 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ? Music and dancing will start immediately after the movie. There’s free popcorn while it last so come early ! There is NO COVER for this event and there will be drink specials all night.

Hope you can join us for the best music of the 80s as we kick off the start of the holiday season. I’ll be spinning some vinyl so come on down !  Dress to impress ! See you there !

Missy Black

DJ Missy Black

DJ Nocturna

DJ Nocturna



Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The Cure

The Cure



Duran Duran

Duran Duran

David Bowie

David Bowie



She has been a sought after belly dancer and teacher of the Pacific NW region,  teaching Tribal Nouveau Temple Dance and Ritual Theatre Internationally. I am so honored that she accepted my invitation to come to Honolulu to perform at David J’s live music performance on Saturday, December 2nd at Next Door (43 North Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii).

I first met Nagasita in 2012 when the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii brought Nagasita to Honolulu where she conducted workshops and performed  along with Shakti Dance Movement who shared the stage with her along with others.  Nagasita is a stunning performer to watch and she moves like a serpent, the “Princess of the Serpent Land.”

The beautiful and mesmerizing Nagasita is a Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer who studied under Kashmir Shaivism at the Rudrananda Ashram where she learned  ancient ritual practices from India and Tibet.  Avant garde, innovative and in the cutting-edge of her craft,  she is one of the pioneers of ritual performance in Tribal Bellydance today.

Born in Oahu and later moving to the Big Island, Nagasita danced Kahiko with the Hula Halau which led to an affinity for sacred interpretations through movement.  She is also experienced in yoga and a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Nagasita has studied under the teachings of Tribal Fusion bellydance legends, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Moria Chappell and Severina. She spent a number of years studying Odissi Indian Classical dance under the guidance of Jamie Lynn Colley, Colleena Shakti and Moria Chappell, and Butoh with Mizu Dezierto.  She teaches various workshops internationally such as Ritual Theatre, costuming and adornment and so much more. As the founder of Tribal Nouveau Temple Dance Troupe APSARA, she also co-produced the Anahata Festival and world renowned Eastern Nouveau Dance showcase Salon L’Orient and was the director of the dark theatre troupe she founded called Bogville while living in Portland, just to name a few.

Thank you for the Honolulu Star Advertiser and Elizabeth Kieszkowski for the awesome write up in the TGIF Section page 3 on David J, bassist and founding member of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets and Nagasita.

David J write up

Nagasita will be performing one night only in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Next Door. Tickets for this event can be purchased here:

Listen to the Interview with DJ Nocturna on  A Feast of Friends KTUH 90.1 FM 






Nagasita at David J





She’s beautiful, she’s passionate, she’s sensual and mysterious. She’s the Dancer Muse fusing all styles of dance techniques and creating her own unique style, while incorporating cabaret fusion with Middle Eastern belly dance movement.  A professional performing artist, instructor and choreographer, the owner of Belly Dancers in Paradise, MALIA DELAPENIA, along with her dance troupe, has inspired spectators with their unique choreography while performing in various productions, locally and nationally. Malia teaches weekly belly dance classes and performs at Kan Zaman Restaurant in Kaimuki and in downtown. When she’s not performing at a gig or teaching, she holds a fulltime job.

She is the producer of the popular HAWAII BELLY DANCE CONVENTION. Held annually, the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention brings performers and teachers from all over the world to inspire and bring the beauty and magic of Middle Eastern Dance.  Running on its 13th Year, The 2017 Hawaii Belly Dance Convention is from October 12 through October 15, 2017. The big gala, the Shimmy Showcase is on Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Doris Duke Theatre (Honolulu Academy of Arts)

Versatile and with a darkside, we are excited to see her dark dance “out of the box” performance exclusively for the 4th Annual HAWAII HORROR BALL on Friday, September 29, 2017 at Next Door (43 North Hotel Street). Please join us for MALIA’S beautiful performance along with live music by UK’s ATTRITION, DJs and the Horror Fashion Show where designers and models create their own original designs and model it for you on stage.

Some of her amazing and beautiful performances and videos !


Hawaii Horror Fashion Show, September 29 /30


Friday, September 29, 2017 at Next Door ( 43 North Hotel St.)

featuring A Horror Fashion Show with original designs of over 20 models on the batwalk.  For more details, please go to

Live performance by  England’s ATTRITION

One of the pioneers of Electronica | Dark wave | Industrial music.

Music by DJ Nocturna, Du Nord and Night Fox.
Also costume contest, Winner $100 cash for most original costume.

Friday, September 29, 2017 at Next Door ( 43 North Hotel St.)
9pm-2am | 21+ | $15 in advance | $20 Door
For details and tickets : 

___________The Following Night____________

Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Anna O’Briens  ( 2440 S. Beretania S.t )
9pm -2am | 21+ | $10 door
For details and tickets :

The event will feature an EXCLUSIVE DJ PERFORMANCE by ATTRITION, Dark Cloud, Dat Mot & Missy Black.

Also A SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE by Toronto based, Subterranea (symphonic blackgaze/dungeon synth) and Queen Witch (witch house) First time in Hawaii to feature live music in the genre of Witch House.

Thank you to our sponsors : Chaos Inc, , Rock Star Tattoo, DJ Non (Founder of Portland Horror Ball and Nephilim Halls

The 7th Annual Venetian Mask Ball: The Summoning of The Muses

DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania present INCOGNITO: THE               7th ANNUAL VENETIAN MASK  BALL “THE SUMMONING OF THE MUSES”

Date:            SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017                                             Time:           7pm to 1am                                                                                            Place:          WISP RESTAURANT & LOUNGE (2885 Kalakaua Ave)                          In Private Banquet Room

Cover:         $10  |  21 and over event   | Seating is limited |              

Bottle Service : $99 Special for Grey Goose, Crown Royal, Jameson Irish Whiskey.  RSVP early for table. To Purchase Bottle Service go to or contact (808) 429-4111

For info:

Best Mask and Most Original Costume Contest, Music and Live Entertainment, featuring Malia Delapenia, Tzana Saldania, Lana Saldania and music by DJ Nocturna, Rhombus and  Native Girl.

Join us on this special and magical evening dressed in your best Venetian inspired costume and mask.  Dine, drink, dance and cavort the night away.  Thank you to JHM Productions and staff, Sensually Yours, Universal Art and Wisp Restaurant and Lounge. |

The Venetian Mask Ball is an annual event that celebrates the festivities reminiscent of the Venetian Carnivale that is celebrated all over world and particularly in Venice.  Going on its 7th year, please join us on May 20.

The Venetian Carnival has ancient origins and its roots dates back in the Latin feast of Saturnalia and the Greek feast of Dionysian cults celebrating the start of spring. Although they can be traced back to pagan times, it is said that the Carnival of Venice was started from a victory of the “Serenissima Repubblica or better known as the Most Serene Republic of Venice ” against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven in the year 1162.  In honor of this victory, the people started to dance and gather in San Marco Square.  Venetian masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival and has a long history of protecting their wearer’s identity during promiscuous or decadent activities. Made for centuries in Venice, these distinctive masks were formed from papier-mache and wildly decorated with fur, gems, fabric, or ribbons.

Venetian Mask Ball


Sensually Yours