Playlist for Saturday, December 9, 2017 with DJ Nocturna.   http://www.djnocturna.com
  1. Blonde Redhead- Messenger featuring David Sylvian
  2. Blonde Redhead- Melody (French Version)
  3. This Ascension- Carol of the Bells
  4. Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Forbidden  Colors
  5. Morrissey – The more you ignore me, the closer I get
  6. Audra- What your eyes had seen
  7. Voltaire- The Folly of Love
  8. Unto Ashes- Winter Born
  9. Fakeba- System Bi
  10. Jill Tracy- Haunted by the thought of you
  11. Lisa Gerrard/ Cye Wood- Sukhe
  12. Monumentum- Windfall
  13. Adams Family -Deck the Halls
  14. Attrition- Silent Night
  15. Tara Busch- Under My Skin
  16. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Face to Face
  17. David J- The Dog End of a Day Gone By
  18. Leonard Cohen- Treaty
  19. Nina Hagen- Ave Maria
  20. Nikki Jaine/ Ego Likeness- The Little Drummer Boy
  21. Annie Lennox- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  22. Paulina Cassidy- Angels we have heard
  23. Dead Can Dance- Lamma Bada ( Live )
  24. Delerium- Flowers become screen
  25. Jennifer Van Der Harten- Gleensleeves
  26. Mirabilis- Wexford Carol
  27. Faith and Disease- Silver and Gold
  28. The Cure- Fire in Cairo
  29. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Red Right Hand
  30. Flowers for Agatha- The Freedom Curse
  31. Thomas Leer- Private Plane
  32. Pink Turns Blue- The Lost Son
  33. Bauhaus – Swing the Heartache
  34. David J- The Sun Sets Soon on Heroes
  35. The Bolshoi- Crack in Smile
  36. Duran Duran- Perfect Day
  37. Lorraine- Heaven
  38. The Cult- Indian
  39. The Lightning Seeds- Perfect
  40. Bauhaus- All we ever wanted was everything