Playlist Nov 11, 2017

A Feast of Friends Playlist, November 11, 2017

Playlist for Saturday, November 11, 2017

  1. Massive Attack- Teardrop
  2. Morcheeba- Crimson
  3. Telepopmusik- Breathe
  4. Zero 7- Destiny
  5. Violet Indiana- Killer Eyes
  6. Mono- Life in Mono (Alice Band mix)
  7. Portishead- Roads
  8. Bjork- Bachelorette
  9. Mogwai- Take me somewhere nice
  10. This Mortal Coil- Strength of Strings
  11. Harold Budd/Elizabeth Fraser- Sea, swallow me
  12. Sneaker Pimps- 6 Underground
  13. Coil- Tainted Love
  14. Patti Smith- Land
  15. Carter Tutti Void- F=(2.3)
  16. XTG-All that is my own (From Nico’s DesertShore)
  17. Love and Rockets- Dog end of a day gone by
  18. Love and Rockets- No new tale to tell
  19. The Cult- Rain ( Here comes the)
  20. Ian Astbury- Devil’s Mouth
  21. Xymox- Dancing Barefoot
  22. The Sound- Unwritten Law
  23. Joy Division- Disorder
  24. The National- Guilty Party
  25. Killing Joke- Sanity
  26. Veda- Whiplash
  27. Christian Death- Sleepwalk
  28. Attrition- The Mouthless Dead
  29. Roe Enney- Comme Everyone
  30. HTRK- Ha
  31. Throwing Muses- Green
  32. Suede- So Young
  33. David J- I can’t shake this shadow of fear
  34. The Jesus and Mary Chain- The Hardest Walk
  35. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Playground Twist
  36. The Eurythmics- Here comes the rain again

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