She has been a sought after belly dancer and teacher of the Pacific NW region,  teaching Tribal Nouveau Temple Dance and Ritual Theatre Internationally. I am so honored that she accepted my invitation to come to Honolulu to perform at David J’s live music performance on Saturday, December 2nd at Next Door (43 North Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii).

I first met Nagasita in 2012 when the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii brought Nagasita to Honolulu where she conducted workshops and performed  along with Shakti Dance Movement who shared the stage with her along with others.  Nagasita is a stunning performer to watch and she moves like a serpent, the “Princess of the Serpent Land.”

The beautiful and mesmerizing Nagasita is a Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer who studied under Kashmir Shaivism at the Rudrananda Ashram where she learned  ancient ritual practices from India and Tibet.  Avant garde, innovative and in the cutting-edge of her craft,  she is one of the pioneers of ritual performance in Tribal Bellydance today.

Born in Oahu and later moving to the Big Island, Nagasita danced Kahiko with the Hula Halau which led to an affinity for sacred interpretations through movement.  She is also experienced in yoga and a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Nagasita has studied under the teachings of Tribal Fusion bellydance legends, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Moria Chappell and Severina. She spent a number of years studying Odissi Indian Classical dance under the guidance of Jamie Lynn Colley, Colleena Shakti and Moria Chappell, and Butoh with Mizu Dezierto.  She teaches various workshops internationally such as Ritual Theatre, costuming and adornment and so much more. As the founder of Tribal Nouveau Temple Dance Troupe APSARA, she also co-produced the Anahata Festival and world renowned Eastern Nouveau Dance showcase Salon L’Orient and was the director of the dark theatre troupe she founded called Bogville while living in Portland, just to name a few.

Nagasita will be performing one night only in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Next Door. Tickets for this event can be purchased here:







Nagasita at David J





A Feast of Friends Playlist, November 11, 2017

Playlist for Saturday, November 11, 2017

  1. Massive Attack- Teardrop
  2. Morcheeba- Crimson
  3. Telepopmusik- Breathe
  4. Zero 7- Destiny
  5. Violet Indiana- Killer Eyes
  6. Mono- Life in Mono (Alice Band mix)
  7. Portishead- Roads
  8. Bjork- Bachelorette
  9. Mogwai- Take me somewhere nice
  10. This Mortal Coil- Strength of Strings
  11. Harold Budd/Elizabeth Fraser- Sea, swallow me
  12. Sneaker Pimps- 6 Underground
  13. Coil- Tainted Love
  14. Patti Smith- Land
  15. Carter Tutti Void- F=(2.3)
  16. XTG-All that is my own (From Nico’s DesertShore)
  17. Love and Rockets- Dog end of a day gone by
  18. Love and Rockets- No new tale to tell
  19. The Cult- Rain ( Here comes the)
  20. Ian Astbury- Devil’s Mouth
  21. Xymox- Dancing Barefoot
  22. The Sound- Unwritten Law
  23. Joy Division- Disorder
  24. The National- Guilty Party
  25. Killing Joke- Sanity
  26. Veda- Whiplash
  27. Christian Death- Sleepwalk
  28. Attrition- The Mouthless Dead
  29. Roe Enney- Comme Everyone
  30. HTRK- Ha
  31. Throwing Muses- Green
  32. Suede- So Young
  33. David J- I can’t shake this shadow of fear
  34. The Jesus and Mary Chain- The Hardest Walk
  35. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Playground Twist
  36. The Eurythmics- Here comes the rain again