Share your vinyl

Share Your Vinyl Friday April 21, 2017

DJ Nocturna & Lana Saldania presents



 Date:  Friday, April 21, 2017

 Time: 7:30pm-2am

 Place: BAR ELIXRS (1153 Bethel Street)

 No Cover / 21+ event

 For info:

With Mistress of Ceremony, Lana Saldania, music and dancing by DJ Nocturna & Rhombus 

The concept: sharing your personal vinyl collections, listening to it in an intimate atmosphere along with your friends. The event offers a unique and eclectic experience. You can meet new acquaintances, listen to their shared vinyl collections while enjoying drinks and food and learn something new you didn’t know about the album or discover new music or classic albums with a group of record buyers and collectors. This event is open to all genres of music. Bring your favorite albums to the event: 80s, soul, funk, jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, hip hop, disco, post punk, goth, reggae, industrial, electronica, country, soundtracks, musicals, pop, R&B and more. If you are a musician and you have a track to share, bring it down.

All participants will give their vinyl to the Host/DJ, where they will play the song of your choice. Should you have a special live dedication or a short story to share about your record album, feel free to take the mic.  There is always a story behind the music, a certain memory, a joy, a sadness, a time in the past that we will always remember when you hear that particular music.

Please join us on Friday, April 21, 2017 at Bar Elixrs and thank you for your support !

Share your vinyl


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