Tribute tp DM


Hope you can join us for a very special tribute party to DEPECHE MODE

80s Pop Muzik presents PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, a Special Tribute to Depeche Mode

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time: 9pm-2am

 Place: Bar 35 (35 N. Hotel St)

 Cover: $5 / 21+ event

with Mistress of Ceremony, LANA SALDANIA

featuring music and dancing and the best of the 80s, New Wave, Dark 80s, Post Punk and Depeche Mode.

with DJs


Thank you to Universal Art and Nephilim Halls

In honor of the band from Basildon Essex who has been making music for over 35 years, 80s Pop Muzik is having a special tribute to DEPECHE MODE and their latest release.  The band will be releasing their new album Spirit on March 17, 2017 and the protest song Where’s the Revolution is out now.  “You’ve been lied to, you’ve been fed truths. Who’s making your decisions?” frontman Dave Gahan urges listeners in the song to question their religion and government. It’s a searing statement from the British icons.  Dave Gahan said in an interview with Rolling Stones that the album is not a political album because he doesn’t listen to music in a political way but it’s definitely about humanity.  “Where is the revolution? Maybe that revolution needs to come from each individual; it comes from inside…. You’ve got to be able to change your thought patterns and ignore this constant fear that seems to be promoted by everybody in power: that you need to be afraid of these people or things. There’s good and bad people all over the place, of all different races and religions. You can’t single out a religion and say, “They’re all bad people.” It’s ridiculous.”

Depeche Mode’s origin goes far back as 1977 when Vince Clarke, one of the original founders of the band met Andy Fletcher and formed No Romance in China. Then later meeting Martin Gore, the three formed Composition of Sound with Clarke on vocals and guitar, Fletcher on bass and Gore on keyboards. Dave Gahan joined the band in 1980 after Clarke heard him perform David Bowie’s Heroes. Depeche Mode was born.  Alan Wilder joined the band in 1982.

Depeche Mode will be going on tour in 2017 and all across the country. Come and get your Depeche Mode fix and dance to the latest music, the classics and remixes and covers for this special tribute show. Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you there !

Tribute to DM


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