Miss Vamp Hawaii Moonlight Bathing Ball


Enter Hawaii’s most unique beauty pageant to ever grace the historic Hawaii Theatre stage. We are looking for contestants who are interested in running for Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant.  If you are interested in running in this Pageant and modeling for the Moonlight Bathing Ball below, please email missvamphawaii@gmail.com to get more details.


Event:     Moonlight Bathing Ball/ Lingerie Fashion Show

Date:       Friday, September 16, 2016

Time:      6pm-11:00 pm

Place:      Trump International Hotel Waikiki   (223 Saratoga  Road)Honolulu, Hawaii

 Cover fee is $15 or choose one of the three choices below for $20 (Cash only please at the door)

1)Garlic Shrimp-Beurre Blanc Sauce and Vegetable Pilaf

2) Carnitas Sope-Mexican Style Braised Pork, Refried Beans, Shredded Lettuce, Salsa Verde, Cilantro

3) Assorted Maki Sushi-Alaskan King Crab Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll

Join us under the FULL MOON on Friday, September 16, 2016 from  6PM-11PM at the Trump International Hotel Waikiki.

DJ Nocturna, Lana Saldania and Xylena Strange will host the Moonlight Bathing Ball, a Lingerie Fashion Show sponsored by UNIVERAL ART, SENSUALLY YOURS, XYLIE DESIGNS, HOUSE OF ALICE & NOSFERATU (HUNTER VAIN).

The Moonlight Bathing Ball is a fundraiser for Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant 2017. Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant is held every year in October at the historic Hawaii Theatre and going on its 6th year here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Each year women ranging in ages from 18 and up, from all walks of life, culturally, ethnically, and diverse, compete in Hawaii’s most unique and one of a kind beauty pageant. Come dressed to impress as there will be a no host cocktail bar and light appetizers available throughout the evening.

There will be a live DJ set featuring DJ NOCTURNA, DJ RHOMBUS and DJ DU NORD.

DJ Rhombus will be playing down tempo, ambient, 80s & deephouse .     DJ Du Nord will be playing dark ambient, darkwave, ethereal & shoegaze.      DJ Nocturna will be playing neofolk, goth, dark electronic & witchhouse.

The Moonlight Bathing Ball is a spectacular and romantic lingerie fashion show, featuring women from the past, present, and future Miss Vamp Hawaii beauty contestants. Also some of men of the past, present and future Count Dracula Hawaii contestants will also elegantly promenade under the full moon.

A tasteful fashion show for your delight. Celebrate the beauty within all of us, empower the essence and the powerful energy that the women who compete in the pageant bring to the stage.

Let us stride to make The Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant stronger and to continue annually, giving women the confidence and the belief within. The stage and this experience to compete in a yearly pageant brings love and passion and confidence for all women.

The moon illuminates the night with a powerful magnetic energy of light. We all have this special energy within us. We look forward to sharing this magical evening with family, friends and new friends as we celebrate together with music to dance, food and drinks, but most importantly to be with you. Beauty is you, and beauty is indeed, in the eye of the beholder.  Thank you for your continued support !


DJ Nocturna (Camera Obscura), Lana Saldania (Universal Art ) & Xylena Strange (Xylie)

For More Information: www.missvamphawaii.com or djnocturna.wordpress.com

DJ Nocturna (808) 429-4111

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