A Feast of Friends playlist for June 25, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 25, 2016

1) The Cure- 10:15 Saturday Night
2) The Cure- Just one kiss
3) The Cure- Breathe
4) Siouxsie and the Banshees- Bring me the head of the Preacher Man
5) Visage- In the year 2525
6) Blancmange- Living on the ceiling
7) Midge Ure- After a fashion
8) Ultravox- Dancing with tears in my eyes
9) Culture Club- I’ll tumble 4 ya
10) David Bowie- Wild is the wind
11) Nick Cave and Anita Lane- I love you..nor do I
12) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minogue- Where the Wild Roses Grow
13) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
14) Lydia Lunch- Spooky
15) Bauhaus- Hollow Hills
16) Swans- Our love lies
17) Depeche Mode- It doesn’t matter two
18) Criminal Asylum- Fenrir
19) Die Form- Imagine
20) Sieben- Dead Bird
21) Diorama- LSW
22) Unwoman- Hurt
23) Peter Murphy- I’ll fall with your knife
24) The Smiths- Back to the old house
25) The Smiths- Never had no one ever
26) Sandie Shaw, featuring the Smiths- Jeanne
27) The Culture Club- Church of the Poison mind
28) The Culture Club- The Crying Game
29) The Culture Club- Everything I own
30) The Culture Club- Victims
31) The Book of Love- Yellow sky
32) The Culture Club- Move away

(DJ Jojo subbing for me)
33) My Bloody Valentine- I only said
34) And also the trees- So this is Silence
35) Swans- Love of life

A Feast of Friends Playlist For June 4, 2016

A FEAST OF FRIENDS with DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania
KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 4, 2016

1) The Cure- The Hanging Garden
2) The Cure- Other Voices (Live from Rock Werchter Festival, Festival Park, Belgium, July 5, 1991)
3) The Cure- The Caterpillar
4) The Smiths- Barbarism Begins at Home
5) The Creatures- All she could ask for
6) Clan of Xymox- Jasmine and Rose
7) The Thought- Eight Miles High
8) The The- Armageddon Days
9) Sonic Youth- Shadow of a Doubt

Film Tribute

10) ELO- Long back Road ( American Hustle)
11) Malcolm McLaren-About Her ( Kill Bill 2)
12) Portishead- SOS ( High Rise)
13) The Culture Club- The Crying Game (The Crying Game)
14) Leonard Cohen- Waiting for a miracle (Natural Born Killers)
15) David Bowie- I’m Deranged ( Lost Highway)
16) The Hollies- The air you breathe (The Virgin Suicides)
17) Gary Jules- Mad World ( Donnie Darko)
18) The Cranberries- Dreams ( You’ve got mail)
19) Echo and the Bunnymen- Bring on the dancing horses (Pretty in Pink)
20) Simple Minds- Don’t you forget about me ( The Breakfast Club)
21) Siouxsie and the Banshees- Cities in Dust ( Out of Bounds)
22) Modern English – Melt with you (Valley Girl)
23) Corey Hart- Eurasian Eyes (9 1/2 Weeks)
24) Lisa Gerrard- Meltdown ( The Insider)
25) Peter Gabriel- Passion ( Last Temptation of Christ)
26) The Joy Division- Love will tear us apart (24 Hour Party People)
27) Billy Squier- In the Dark
28) Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from ‘The Godfather)- The Godfather
29) Shirley Bassey- Goldfinger (Goldfinger)
30) David Bowie- The Heart’s Filthy Lesson- Good Karma mix (Seven)

31) Black Box Recorder – Seasons in the Sun
32) Book of Love- Tubular Bells/ Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls

A Feast of Friends Playlist For June 18, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 18, 2016

1) The Cure- Siamese Twins
2) The Cure- Kyoto song
3) The Culture Club-Love is Love
4) Gene Loves Jezebel- The motion of love
5) Section 25- Girls don’t count

Interview Mark Tarone (Summer Breeze, Hawaii Polo event)

6) Modern English- Swans on glass
7) The Teardrop Explodes- Kilimanjaro
8) Dead Can Dance- Persephone (the gathering of flowers)
9) Malcolm McLaren- Madam Butterfly
10) Japan- Ghosts
11) The Unwanted- These boots are made for walking

* Interview with Olli Wisdom, frontman of the Specimen and founder of the Legendary club, Batcave in London

12) Specimen- Tell Tail
13) Specimen- Dead Man’s Autochop
14) The Soft Boys- Cold Turkey
15) New Order- Restless ( Extended bonus mix)
16) Psychic TV- Tribal( Dance mix) CRAIG ELLENWOOD
17) Depeche Mode- Everything counts (7 inch mix)
18) Fad Gadget- Coitus Interruptus
19) Theatre of Hate- Propaganda
20) Jesus and Mary Chain- Who do you love?
21) The Culture Club- Starman
22) The Culture Club- More than Silence
23) The Cure- Speak my language
24) The Bolshoi- Hail Mary
25) Killing Joke- Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)
26) Phil Manzanera/Brian Eno- Third Uncle (Live)
27) Boy George – Amazing Grace (Acoustic)
28) Marc Almond- My Death
29) PIL- Albatross
30) Gary Numan- I die, you die
31) Red Flag- Broken Heart

A Feast of Friends Playlist for June 11, 2016

KTUH 90.1 FM
Playlist for Saturday, June 11, 2016

1) Clan of Xymox- Medusa
2) The Cure- The Drowning Man
3) The Cure-It’s not you
4) The Cure- The Top
5) The Culture Club-Victims
6) Visage-Der Amboss
7) Heaven 17- Freedom from Love
8) David Bowie- Chant of the ever circling Skeletal Family
9) Skeletal Family- Hands on the clock
10) Gene Loves Jezebel- Always a Flame
11) The Virgin Prunes- Love last forever
12) Click Click- She can
13) The Damned- Shadow of Love
14) Andi Sex Gang- Dying Fall
15) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Song of Joy
16) Crime and City Solution-Keepsake
17) Theatre of Hate- Do you believe in the Westworld
18) Spear of Destiny- Never take me alive
19) Christian Death- We fall like love
20) Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr
21) Specimen- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
22) Alien Sex Fiend- Magic
23) Norma Loy- 1964 Shadows
24) The Cure- Play for today
25) When in Rome- The Promise
26) Duran Duran- Lay Lady lady
27) Spandau Ballet- Only when you leave
28) The Culture Club- Do you really want to hurt me ?
29) Soft Cell- Memorabilla
30) Adam Ant- Vive Le Rock (remix)
31) Bow Wow Wow- Prince of Darkness (Sinner Sinner Sinner)
32) The Cult- Black Angel
33) Magazine- The light pours out of me
34) Velvet Underground- The Murder Mystery (Closet mix)
35) Nick Cave – Time Jesum Transeuntum et non Riverentum
36) David Bowie- The Bewley Brothers

Tribute to the Dark 80s & New Romantics

80s Pop Muzik presents BATCAVE (Dark 80s ) Vs BLITZ ( New Romantics)


Saturday, June 25, 2016 (9pm-2am)
Bar 35 (35 N. Hotel St, Honolulu, Hi)
$5 / 21+
For more information: http://www.djnocturna.wordpress.com

….Featuring…Special Guest DJs………
-DatMot- (Resident DJ at Pink Cadillac’s Noctuary)
-KSM – (Resident DJ at the Wave)
-Gary O (Resident DJ at 3D Nightclub)

…..also Featuring……..
-Dark Mistress of Ceremony, Lana Saldania-KTUH A Feast of
-DJ Nocturna (Resident-Bar 35, Camera Obscura,
KTUH A Feast of Friends)
-Rhombus (Resident Bar 35, KTUH)

Come dress to impress in your dark fiendish attire or your glamourous romantic frills
…….2 Cash Prizes…….
$125 cash prize for best dressed Dark 80s and $125 Cash prize for the best dressed New Romantic

****************************** ABOUT THE THEME ***********************************
As we get closer to the Culture Club’s live stage performance in Hawaii on Sunday, June 26 and the Cure’s return at the Neal Blaisdell on July 16 and July 17, 80s Pop Muzik will
present A TRIBUTE to the best of the 80s and remembering and honouring some of the pioneers of the English Post Punk movement :

New Romanticism was a pop culture movement that began in the night club scene in London and Birmingham in the late 70s. When the popularity of the movement grew, the organizers, led by Visage’s Steve Strange and DJ Rusty Egan opened a night club called the Blitz located in Covent Garden for its patrons, better known as the Blitz kids. The club was known for its exclusive door policy and strict dress code. Strange was said to be fastidiously selective and denied potential patrons admission into the club because he felt they were not properly dressed to the creative style of preference.

The New Romantics were known for their androgynous look, heavy makeup, wild hairstyles and elaborate dress in the style of the English Romantic period. The movement influenced many English bands that adopted the style, some of which are The Culture Club, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Japan
and Visage, just to name a few.

The Batcave on a the other hand was the night club frequented by the dark children of the night. The infamous Batcave , founded by Olli Wisdom and his band the Specimen was located in Soho and opened in 1982. It was considered to be the birthplace of the original gothic rock music and subculture. During that time, the Batcave showed 88 mm movies and occasionally featured unusual cabaret with DJ Hamish on the turntables.

Men and women who attended the BatCave wore make-up in widely different styles, some inspired by the ghoulish facepaint of Alien Sex Fiend frontman Nik Fiend, or the heavy brows with Egyptian-lined eyes and sharp painted lips of Siouxsie Sioux. Others wore sunglasses and hid into the shadows of the dark ambiance.

Unlike the Blitz, the Batcave operated with an open-door policy, and welcomed anyone who sought a space to state their difference from the everyday world.

Hope to see you there ! Thank you to Nephilim Halls, Camera Obscura, Miss Vamp Hawaii and Universal Art. Thank you for your continued support !

DJ Nocturna