JUNE 21, 2014

Thank you for hanging out and tuning in to another edition of A Feast of Friends on Saturday, June 21, 2014. A Feast of Friends is every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm on KTUH 90.3 FM. Happy Belated Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney. Thank you to the artists below for the awesome music and remixes. Rock on ! You can catch the show here in the following frequencies:

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1) Depeche Mode- Tora Tora Tora (alternative mix- KERNFUSION 16)
2) Pet Shop Boys- Love Comes Quickly (Moonbooter True Radio Mix) Paninaro
3) Pet Shop Boys- Vocals (Jack and Joy Radio Mix)
4) New Order- Bizarre Love Triangle (Garden Rockaz mix )
5) New Order- Fine Time (Steve Silk Hurley remix)
6) Utah Saints-Anything can happen
7) Thrill Kill Kult- Kooler than Jesus
8) Hozier- Take me to church
9) Dead Can Dance- The Host of Seraphim (ENiGMA Dubz mix)
10) Unwoman- Ceremony
11) Dead Can Dance- Agape
12) The Velvet Underground- Femme Fatale (Alternate version in the Scepter Studios Acetate)
13) Depeche Mode- It doesn’t matter two (Remixed in 2014 by Erwin Pempelfort AKA Ep Proyect)
14) Surveillance- Voyeur
15) Led Zeppelin Vs. Rolling Stones (DJ Schmolli mashup)
16) The Rolling Stones -Sympathy for the Devil (Allure remix)
17) The Beatles- And I love her (Allure remix)
18) The Stranglers- Walk on by
19) Queen- Radio Gaga (Bakermat remix)
20) Lady Gaga- Alejandro (Kleerup Remix)
21) Freddie Mercury and Giorgio Moroder- Love Kills (Extended version 1984)
22) Bronski Beat- Why (Exclusive remix)
23) Captain Hollywood- More and More (One more time) Belmond and Parker Radio edit
24) Gary’s Gang- Keep on Dancing (Todd Terje Remix)
25) Jimmy Sommerville- Ain’t no mountain high enough
26) David Vendetta- Love to love you baby
27) Boytronic- Diamonds and Loving Arms
28) FR David- Words don’t come easy (12″ extended)
29) Scritti Politti- Wood Beez (Pray like Aretha Franklin)
30) New Order- This time of night
31) Assemblage 23- House on Fire
32) Surveillance- Rise
33) Wire Train- Chamber of Hellios
34) Depeche Mode- Behind the wheel (Remix by Daniel Myer)
35) Led Zeppelin VS Black Sabbath (Rock Mashups)
36) Depeche Mode- Condemnation (Remix by Erwin Pempelfort)
37) Peter Murphy- Hang up
38) The Beatles VS Oasis- Don’t let it be in anger (DJY alias JY)

DJ Nocturna 80s Pop Muzik
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DJ Nocturna Totally 80s

JUNE 7, 2014

Thank you for listening to A Feast of Friends on Saturday, June 7, 2014.
A Feast of Friends is every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm on KTUH 90.3 FM

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Here’s the playlist for Saturday, June 7, 2014. Thank you for listening and for your continued support. Happy Birthday to the legendary Prince and Tom Jones who celebrated their birthdays on June 7.

1) Wreckage- Atmosphere
2) Death Cult- Ghost Dance
3) Pink Turns Blue- Your Master is Calling
4) Johnny Cash- Hurt
5) Peter Murphy- Lion
6) Ikon- She’s in Parties
7) Bauhaus- God in an alcove
8) Clock DVA- Eternity in Paris
9) Soul Merchants- Black Rain
10) Section 25- Looking from a Hilltop
11) Surveillance- I was there
12) Assemblage 23- Binary
13) :wumpscut:- Opening the gates of Hell
14) Attrition- A girl called Harmony (Live from the Black Lodge in SF)
15) Apoptygma Berserk- Love never dies
16) Ah Cama Sotz- Your darkest soul
17) Criminal Asylum- The Candour of Hell
18) Genevieve Pasquier- Today the disco
19) This Mortal Coil- Sixteen Days- Gathering Dust
20) Kraftwerk- Showroom Dummies
21) The Art of Noise- Slip of the Tongue
22) Chris and Cosey- Exotikah
23) Stalingrad- Court Martial
24) Surveillance- Thoughtcrime
25) Love and Rockets- My drug
26) Soil and Eclipse- Violin
27) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- (I’ll love you ) til the end of the world
28) Tom Jones- If you go away
29) Marc Almond- Night and Day
30) Natalie Imbruglia- Leave me along (Portishead remix)
31) Peter Murphy- I am my own name
32) Killing Joke- Tomorrow’s World
33) Prince- Purple Medley
34) Prince- Nothing Compares to you
34) Concrete Blonde- Tomorrow Wendy

Death Cult with DJ Nocturna
Formerly called the Death Cult, this original EP was released by them and issued in 1983. The track I played, Ghost Dance was inspired by the writings and teachings of Wovoka (Jack Wilson), the chief figure in the movement among Native American Indians belief systems. Ghost Dance is a traditional ritual or circle dance used by many Native American Indians and was first practiced among the Nevada Paiute in 1889. Fronted by Ian Astbury, this album will always be cherished.

Peter Murphy on A Feast of Friends
Lion is the tenth solo album by Peter Murphy. It was just released on June 3, 2014 through Nettwerk Records. This album was produced by Killing Joke bassist Martin Glover, better known as Youth. I really like this album and will be playing more tracks on this show. Peter Murphy is on tour and you can check out this upcoming concerts- Lion Tour by going to his website: http://www.petermurphy.info/

DJ Nocturna and the Soul Merchants
I was introduced to this post punk band from Denver Colorado called the Soul Merchants when the guitarist named Jerry Cuba came on my radio show, A Feast of Friends with his sister a few years ago. He brought me a double CD to listen to and I immediately loved it. At the time he was living in Hawaii. After he moved back to the mainland, a year or two later, he sent me this autographed, rare, “hard to find” gem, a vinyl called Gates of Heaven, which is pictured here, from 1986 from Iron Gate Records. Their music is a blend of post punk and psychedelic 60s, gloomy yet beautiful, reminiscent of the Joy Division. I hope Jerry is reading this one day and contacts me.

Assemblage 23 KTUH
Tom Shear and Assemblage 23’s “The Vinyl Sessions” came out last year. The 8 tracks on vinyl was hand selected by Tom with newly recorded mixes and new vocals. The special limited edition vinyl is only available to 500 copies worldwide. It was a pleasure to meet Tom when he was brought down by Nephilim Halls last year and I got the opportunity to interview him on A Feast of Friends. Hope to speak with him again soon in Hawaii. Thank you Tom Shear and Nephilim Halls.

Tom Shear also has a side project called Surveillance and released a wonderful new album called “Oceania.” A little different from Assemblage 23 and I like it a lot. Definitely one to check out on his website: http://www.assemblage23.com/

A CD release party for Surveillance will be taking place at KORE on June 21 at Downbeat Lounge. You can win your signed copy by Tom Shear by attending KORE. You also have better chances in winning by going to Hydra on Friday, June 13 at Next Door. Go to http://www.nephilimhalls.com for more details.

German electronic music was revolutionary going as far back to the 70s when some young musicians called Kraftwerk introduced their unique sound to America, influencing many electronic recording artists through the years. Released in 1977, Showroom Dummies is in the Trans-Europe Express album. Kraftwerk still go on tour. I hope they can play in Hawaii one of these days. It would be the concert to die for.

This Mortal Coil
Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust in an EP released in 1983 on 4AD by This Mortal Coil, headed up by label founder Ivo Watts-Russell. Members of Cocteau Twins, Colourbox and Modern English, along with vocalist Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk made up the band that recorded the title track of the EP.

Criminal Asylum with DJ Nocturna
Criminal Asylum is one of the many side projects of Kirlian Camera’s Angelo Bergamini. This album called Choices was produced by Bergamini. Front cover picture taken from SPK’s “Live At SAM” 1982. Definitely a collectible as all Kirlian Camera albums.

Stalingrad with DJ Nocturna
This is the first album by STALINGRAD called Court Martial, the more orchestral side of Kirlian Camera (side project of Angelo Bergamini and Elena Fossi). An amazing mixture of bombastic pompous orchestration, combining neofolk elements with neoclassical and industrial atmospheres. This limited album was released in 2006 on Twilight Records (Argentina)

Ant-Zen DJ Nocturna
Originally released in 2003, French artist, Genevieve Pasquier also from the band Thorofon is soft minimal and loud electronic to cabaret and dark hypnotic. The album Virgin Pulses was Released in 2006 on Ant-zen. There are many good tracks in this album and she has a distinct sound like no other.

JUNE 8, 2014

I subbed Jojo’s The Hypnotic show on KTUH 90.3 FM on Sunday, June 8, 2014 (9pm-12am). Thank you Jojo ! I decided to go old school Industrial/ EBM, well mostly and played some experimental, avant-garde, dark ambient- what I used to play during the early days of A Feast of Friends.

A Feast of Friends is every Saturday nights from 6pm-9pm (KTUH 90.3 FM)
You can catch it here:

90.3 FM Honolulu
91.1 FM North Shore
89.9 FM Windward
866 Digital Cable
online www.ktuh.org

or my websites: www.djnocturna.com

Here’s the playlist when I subbed the Hypnotic Show on Sunday, June 8, 2014.
Thank you for listening to KTUH, the station that loves you.

1) Luc Van Acker and Anna Domingo-Zanna
2) Jass- Theme (W.R.)
3) Severed Heads-Big Car (Limo Mix)
4) Aircrash Bureau-Machine
5) Ministry- Over the shoulder
6) Black Outs- Writhing
7) Clock DVA- Black Angel Death Song
8) PIL- Banging the door
9) Current 93- Mary Waits in Silence
10) The Tear Garden- The Tear Garden
11) Legendary Pink Dots- True Love
12) Sisters of Mercy- This Corrosion
13) The Mission UK- Wasteland (Anniversary mix)
14) The Mission UK- Dancing barefoot
15) Fields of the Nephilim- Power
16) Surveillance- Homeland Security
17) Nitzer Ebb- Murderous
18) a;Grumh- Ayatollah Jackson
19) Skinny Puppy- God’s Gift (maggot)
20) Skinny Puppy-Smothered Hope
21) Skinny Puppy- Dead of Winter
22) Blind Vision- Tanz Den Teufel
23) Click Click- Sweet Stuff
24) Foetus- Catastrophe Crunch
25) Attrition- I am (eternity) Chris and Cosey remix
26) Nurse with Wound/ Diana Rogerson- Dead Roads/ Cradle your snatch/
The Little Seed
27) Death in June- Little Black Angel
28) Nick Cave- Time Jesum Transeuntum et non Riverentum
29) Lydia Lunch- Gloomy Sunday
30) Siouxsie and the Banshees- The last beat of my heart
31) Siouxsie and the Banshees- 92 Degrees
32) Psychic TV- Horror House
33) Laibach- Sympathy for the Devil
34) Borghesia- She is not alone
35) Revolting Cocks- Stainless Steal Providers
36) Nick Cave- O’Malley’s Bar Pt. 2.
37) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Nocturama
38) The Damage Manual- Dance Addict (Bill Laswell mix)
39) Skinny Puppy- Love in Vein.

Luc Van Acker with DJ Nocturna
One of the founding members of the Revolting Cocks, Luc Van Acker collaborated with Anna Domino on this track: Zanna, a Belgian synth pop from the eighties on Wax Trax. He has also worked with Ministry, Shriekback and Lords of Acid.

Current 93 with DJ Nocturna
Vocals of David Tibet, Halo is a live album, released in 2004, by Current 93. The front cover is a drawing by David Tibet which reproduces the cover of a Moody Blues album of 1971 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.

DJ Nocturna
Also known as the Mission, the band is fronted by Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams (both from the Sisters of Mercy), soon adding drummer Mick Brown (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and guitarist Simon Hinkler (Artery and Pulp). Wasteland was the second single released from The Missions first album “God’s Own Medicine” released in November 1986 on Mercury Records.

Skinny Puppy with DJ Nocturna
This next track is from Canadian electronic music group, formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1982, Skinny Puppy. Back & Forth is the self-published debut EP by Skinny Puppy, released in 1984, a very limited edition, produced by cEvin Key.

Attrition on KTUH
One of my favorite albums of all time, Attrition is a band that formed in Coventry, England in 1980 by Martin Bowes and Julia Niblock. The Hand that feeds (The remixes) has great remixes from In the Nursery, Regenerator remix, Stromkern remix and one of my favorites, Chris n Cosey remix, also known as Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti from Throbbing Gristle. The original version of this song appears in The Eternity EP. I also have to mention the amazing album cover is by the legendary photographer, John Santerineross called The Hands of Al-Zahra.

DJ Nocturna Nurse with Wound
Nurse with Wound is an avant-garde/ experimental band that formed in England in 1978 by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak. This album The Swinging Reflective (Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy) is very rare on World Serpent Distribution. If you find it, cherish it.

DJ Nocturna
From 1990 album, Beers,Steers and Queers, American–Belgian industrial rock band featuring Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly and Al Jourgensen of Ministry and more musicians through the years on Wax Trax.