Fairytale at Bar35

FAIREST OF THEM ALL, A Tribute to Fairytales at BAR 35

Please join us this Saturday, MAY 31st at BAR 35 for the FAIREST OF THEM ALL, a tribute to Fairytales, Disney and the “UNREAL” with a fairytale costume contest giving away $100 in CASH to the most original Fairytale costume.

Date: SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014
Time: 9pm-2am
Location: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel St)
Age: 21+ / Cover : $5
DETAILS: www.djnocturnaandlana.com or www.djnocturna.com

Mistress of Ceremony, the beautiful Lana Saldania will be getting us in the sexy mood to celebrate the special birthday of KTUH’s DJ, THE NATIVE GIRL (Po’ai Lincoln) with performance by the goddess Malia Delapenia, a surprise performance by someone (we can’t say who) and a special all vinyl night of the music of the 80s by
DJ Nocturna, DJ Rhombus and guest DJ, Gonzales.

The oral tradition of the fairy tale came long before the written page. “Once upon a time” tales were dramatically told, rather than written down and handed down from generation to generation. Historically, adults were the audience of a fairy tale. Literary fairy tales appeared in works intended for adults such the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel, but in the 19th and 20th centuries the fairy tale became associated with children’s literature. Most of us grew up remembering fondly our favorite fairytales. This month 80s Pop Muzik hopes to bring back the magic and invites everyone to come dress-up in their favorite fairy tale costume.

Originally, fairy tales were not marked out as a separate genre. The German term “Märchen” comes from the old German word “Mär”, which means story or tale. The word “Märchen” is the diminutive of the word “Mär”, therefore it means a “little story”. Together with the common beginning ” once upon a time ” means a fairy tale or a märchen was originally a little story from long time ago, when the world was still magic and we lived “Happily Ever After.”

So whether you love the traditional Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood, or Cinderella or if you prefer the more darker side of the fairytale, you can also come dress-up in the modern adaptations of folk or literary fairytales. Come dress to impress and show us what you’ve got ! Check out Sensually Yours (1130 North Nimitz Highway ) for FairyTale costumes and props.

Thank you to all, Universal Art, Nephilim Halls, Sensually Yours and Bar 35. More details: www.djnocturnaandlana.com

DJ Native girl
Born and raise on the Big Island, Po’ai Lincoln, AKA The Native Girl moved to Oahu to study music at UH Manoa. Known by some of her friends and fans, The Native Girl is also a KTUH alumni who spins music with an emphasis on the music of the Pacific. Also a Club DJ, she spins Electro-swing, darkwave, downtempo, 80s and more. If you are looking for a wedding singer, Po’ai also sings Hawaiian songs at weddings and parties. Come on down to Bar 35 and celebrate her birthday with some cake and dancing.

Lana is the co-host of A Feast of Friends Radio Show on KTUH. She was also female front lead vocalist in several rock and roll bands for several years: Lipskin, Run Wild, Looker and Rockets from Sea. Singer, songwriter of over 30 original songs, she launched her own self-titled CD, “Lana Saldania.” If you need a mistress of ceremony for your event or party, contact Lana.

Malia Delapenia at 80s Pop Muzik
Malia Delapenia is one of Hawaii’s top rated Middle-Eastern dance performers. Her talents are multi-faceted to include: professional Middle Eastern belly dance entertainer, instructor, choreographer, director and owner of her professional dance company “Malia and the Belly Dancers in Paradise,” and owner of the newest fitness/dance craze, “Shimmy Fitness.” For more details on her classes and events : info@maliadelapenia.com

Nocturna Remixed
DJ, promoter and host of A Feast of Friends radio show on KTUH 90.3 FM every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm, DJ Nocturna also spins at 80s Pop Muzik every last Saturday of the month at Bar 35. She is also one of the resident DJs at Totally 80s, a weekly Wednesday event at Downbeat Lounge. If you are looking for a DJ to spin music for your party or someone to officiate your wedding, contact DJ Nocturna.

DJ Rhombus at 80s Pop Muzik
DJ Rhombus is resident DJ at Bar 35 every Wednesday and Thursday and every last Saturday of the month for 80s Pop Muzik playing 80s, downtempo, electro swing, nu disco, downtempo and more. His style is versatile and he enjoys mixing funky, upbeat, “good times” music from a broad range of genres. He has also been known to fabricate customized DJ hardware and is the innovator of the “calculator technique” which is a unique way of mixing and phrasing music. DJ Rhombus also does parties around town. If you need a DJ, contact Rhombus.

DJ Gonzales
Gonzales is part of Positive Regime Sound. Playing for 20 years plus. Originally from Los Angeles. Relocated to HI in 1994. He plays vinyl, keeping it alive. He have opened up for artisis such as DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Kid Koala, Lyrics Borne, Pigeon John and Murs. He was a resident at the historic 1739 and Indigo.

Hannee Chong at 80s Pop Muzik

Erica Antoine at 80s Pop Muzik

Fairytale Costume Contest

Fairytale Costume contest


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