APRIL 26, 2014

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1) Sniff-N-the Tears- Driver Seat
2) Charlie Sexton- Beats so Lonely
3) A-Ha- The blood that moves the body (Two- times Gun remix)
4) A Flock of Seagulls- The more you live, the more you love
5) Corey Hart- Sunglasses at Night
6) The Thompson Twins- The Gap
7) Limahl- Never ending story (club mix)
8) New Order- Fine time (Steve Silk Hurley remix)
9) Falco- Munich Girls (Lookin’ for Love) (Just Another Paid One)
10) The Blow Monkeys- Digging your scene
11) Lulu kiss me Dead- Ultimate Solution
12) Stephen Tin Tin Duffy- She loves me
13) Lightning Seeds- Pure (mix)
14) Marc Almond- If you go away
15) Sweet- Fox on the Run (Sweet and Foxy 98 Dance Mix)
16) The Eurythmics- Oh no the rain is coming down mix
17) Madonna- Secret- (Junior Vasquez mix)
18) The White Panda- Under Treasure
19) Freddie Mercury- Love Kills (written by Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury)
20) Kon Kan- I beg your pardon (I never promised you a rose garden; 12″remix)
21) Hubert Kah- So many people (Extended version- Hubert Kah & Blank & Jones)
22) Seona Dancing- More to lose
23) Boytronic- Living without you (remix by DJ Ram )

I didn’t play the live version but Marc Almond sings “If you go away” even more so with such heartfelt passion in the live version, followed by Jacky, both songs a tribute to Jacques Brel. “If You Go Away” is an adaptation of the 1959 Jacques Brel song “Ne me quitte pas” with English lyrics by Rod McKuen. Many artists have also covered this song, including Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand just to name a few.
DJ Nocturna KTUH

Falco passed away not too long ago, but his memories linger. This album included a reworked German-language version of The Cars song “Looking for Love”, entitled “Munich Girls”, which I played, as well as a lounge lizard cover of Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”.
Falco_DJ Nocturna

APRIL 19, 2014

Thank you again for listening to A Feast of Friends on Hawaii’s only Alternative KTUH 90.3 FM. Here’s the playlist for April 19, 2014. If you miss this show, you can catch us every Saturday night from 6pm-9pm on the following frequencies:

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89.9 FM Windward
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1) Yello- Oh Yeah
2) Planet P- Why me?
3) Strawberry Switchblade-Sunday Morning
4) Bow Wow Wow- Prince of Darkness (Sinner! Sinner ! Sinner !)

5) Bigod 20- On the Run (Starry Night mix)
6) Camouflage- Love is a Shield (Extended version)
7) Gary Numan- Cars (Extended E’Reg Model)
8) Test Dept- Terra Firma

9) Xmal Deutschland- Polarlicht
10) Sisters of Mercy- No time to cry
11) Bauhaus- The Spy in the Cab
12) Xymox- No human can drown
13) Kate Bush- Babooshka
14) 10,000 Maniacs- What’s the matter here – unplugged
15) The Smiths- How soon is now?
16) New Order- Sunrise
17) Vicious Pink- Take me now (Razormaid mix)
18) ABC- The Night you murdered love (Sheer chic mix)
19) Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps tonight

20) Keith Le Blanc- Einstein (Extended remix)
21) Ah Cama-Sotz- Quatralh
22) MS Mono- Magnalog
23) Assemblage 23- Disappoint – Live remix
24) Nitzer Ebb- Murderous

The song by the one and only Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), is a special in this 1984 release covered by Rose McDowall and Jill Bryson better known as Strawberry Switchblade.

In this vinyl collection of mine, I played the Entended E Reg Model track of Cars, produced by Gary Numan and special remix by Zeus B. Heid
Gary Numan A Feast of Friends

One of my favorite Bauhaus albums recorded Live at Liverpool and London by Beggars Banquet, 1988. The album cover is a classic taken by Eugene Merinov. You’ll never forget it.

I got this album just earlier today from the Secret Record Day Sale at Downbeat Diner and Lounge from DJ Monkey.
This Album is definitely another collectible because Kate Bush rarely has concert tours and makes very rare appearances. Kate Bush will play her first series of shows since 1979 this coming August and September in the UK. There is a live version in this album of James and the Cold Gun.
kate bush

Talented drummer and producer Keith Le Blanc released this album in 1989 mixed by Adrian Sherwood.
He has worked with many talents in the industry including Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, Afrika Bambatta and Ministry, just to name a few.

From the Metropolis Label a special vinyl edition released in 2013. Thank you Tom Shear (Assemblage 23 ) and Void (Nephilim Halls ) Love the live remix version of Disappoint.

April 12, 2014

Flew solo on A Feast of Friends. Lana is off. It’s always sad for me when she’s not next to me but she’ll be back. I hope you enjoyed the evening. Thank you to my guests: Lola Love and La Femme Rikita for coming on the Show. They have a new production called NEON DREAMS that you must see if you’re into dreams, neon lights, the mysteries of sex and your ABCs. The amazing Unkle is a band from England who collaborated with many talented musicians such as Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack, Bassist, Mani of The Stone Roses, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, DJ Shadow and of course Nick Cave and Ian Astbury of the Cult. I felt inclined to play more of the Cult after watching them stream live on Coachella. Thanks for the reminders to tune in, SF friends John Zaterka on text and Lita Tulloch on Facebook. I remember watching the Cult perform live at the Sheraton Ballroom in Honolulu when Ken Rosene brought them down on October 2, 1987. From their earlier days as the Death Cult, Southern Death Cult- they are still rocking and truly one of my greatest inspirations and one of resident bands on A Feast of Friends. Celebrating her birthday, I’m a big fan of Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance- did you know that? I wonder if she would come to Hawaii and perform for Miss Vamp Hawaii in the historic Hawaii Theatre- the perfect venue for DCD. Just putting it out there in the Universe. I always bring my personal collection of music on A Feast of Friends and when I bring my very personal collection and probably my most prized are the limited editions/vinyl collectibles such as Sisters of Mercy’s When you don’t see me (remix) I picked up from a record store in London and the Joy Division Martin Hannett’s personal mixes. Record producer, bass guitarist and Creator of the Manchester Sound, Martin Hannett (Martin Zero) helped developed the Joy Division and one of the founders of Factory Records with Tony Wilson. Listen to his influence on Unknown Pleasures (1979), Closer (1980) and Still (1981), just to name a few. “Glam rock” and “Glampires” rocks and so does the passionate Robbie Quine of the Barbarellatones. I have to say Robbie is one of the most passionate musicians I know. He never stops making music and always inspired. The Monster of KTUH is a fan of the Barbarellatones and the Monster called in when he heard Goth Hippy. I have to remember to ask Robbie about Goth Hippy. I first met Robbie when he played at the Wave Waikiki with his band Sex with Lurch. Good times !

Thank you for listening to A Feast of Friends. Here’s the playlist for April 12, 2014.

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1) U.N.K.L.E.- Money and Run (Featuring Nick Cave)
2) U.N.K.L.E.- When things explode (Featuring Ian Astbury)
3) Southern Death Cult- Fatman
4) The Cult- Peace Dog
5) The Cult- Life and Death

The 80s and remixes

6) The The- Armageddon Days are here
7) Cyndi Lauper- I drove all night
8) Alphaville- Dance with me (12 inch)
9) Marc Almond- Tears run rings-
10) Bronski Beat- Smalltown Boy- (12 inch)
11) Communards- Never can say goodbye (extended version)
12) King- Love and Pride
13) Blancmange- Living on the Ceiling
14) Boytronic- Living without you (DJ Ram remix)
15) Erasure- Who needs love like that? (Hamburg mix)
16) New Order- Paradise
17) The Wild Swans- Bringing home the ashes

The Dark Side

18) Gary Numan- Change your mind (extended)
19) Swans- Song for the dead time
20) Lisa Gerrard- The Human Game
21) Dead Can Dance- Opium
22) Joy Division- N4 Europop (renamed Decades) from Martin Hannett’s personal remixes
23) The Cult- She sells Sanctuary (Secret Sun remix)
24) Sisters of Mercy- When you don’t see me (remix)
25) Barbarellatones- Goth Hippy
26) The Cure- Primary
27) The Cure- The Figurehead
28) Echo and the Bunnymen- Lips like Sugar (12 inch)
29) Gene Loves Jezebel- Motion of Love (Jezebel mix)
30) Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot

DJ Nocturna at the Cult concert 1987

DJ Nocturna Joy Division Martin Hannett

Robbie Quine Barbarellatones DJ Nocturna

DJ Nocturna Sex with Lurch



Exploring the ABC’s of SEX, Pretty Peacock Productions takes you on a journey to the mystical world of Neon Dreams. Running April 24-27, 2014 at The ARTS at Marks Garage, first-time playwright, Lola Love has teamed up with choreographer La Femme Rikita, Maui’s black light burlesque beauties – The UltraViolets, Aisis Chen of Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking and Hi Capacity to create a black light theatrical production – combining burlesque, dance, aerial and new media art. The cast includes Lola Love, Madame X, Tita Titsling, Mabsy, Hunter Down & Opal Rouge and many more of Honolulu’s handpicked performers who will help guide you through the ABC’s of sex.

The show features custom costuming by Rose Wolff and Carlyn Wolff (Manoa Valley Theater), props and accessories using 3D printing (Hi Capacity) and visual images created by Aisis Chen. A blend of visual art, movement and theatrics, Neon Dreams is guaranteed to take you out of this world.

Thursday, April 24, 2014-Saturday, April 26, 2014
The ARTS at Marks Garage
1159 Nu’uanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817

Doors 7PM
Pre-Show 7:15pm Showtime 730pm
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Doors 6PM
Pre-Show 6:15PM Showtime 630pm
18+ Suggested

Advance Tickets: http://Neondreams.eventbrite.com

Early Bird Special: $18 (LIMITED)
VIP: $60 for two
General Admission: $25
At the door: $30

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DJNocturnaAndLana & Decadent Events Proudly Present HAWAII HORROR BALL. This event to be held on August 15, 2014 at Next Door is a tribute to all things “HORRIFIC” most especially as it relate to FILM, FASHION, MYTHOLOGY, ART, DRAMA, THEATRE, MUSIC and DANCE. More information on this event is forthcoming but for now….Let’s plan for the horrific summer coming up.

This is a CALL FOR FASHION DESIGNERS who are interested in participating in the HORROR BALL Fashion show. This is the time to contact us now to reserve your space and create your designs if you are interested in showcasing your classic, original work in this unique fashion show that depicts the theme of “Horror.” Space is very limited so contact us now. First come, first serve. For more information and to sign up, please contact djnocturna@gmail.com Please copy, paste and complete the following:

Your first and last name
Designer name
Your phone contact
Tell us about yourself in 60 words or less
Define Horror in a sentence
Please tell us Your concept of Horror that you will be showcasing
Please enclosed a photo sample of a previous work


1.) Theme must be Horror related whether based on film, music, art, mythology, literature, religion, theatre or dance
2) You are responsible to provide your own models.
3) You are responsible to select, provide and edit your music based on the time allowable.
3) Each designer is limited to 3 to 5 minutes on stage.
4) You are responsible to create a captivating performance on stage based on your horror related theme.
5) There will be no designs or props that are hazardous on stage.

If you have additional questions, please let us know in the email. We are excited to have you on board to experience THE HORROR ! THANK YOU ! Please visit this site for updates or go to www.djnocturnaandlana.com

“Burning love- consuming the existence exhaled with great screams-has no other horizon than a catastrophe, a scene of horror that releases time from its bonds.” Georges Bataille

“Where reality fuses with dreams, and dreams turn into visions of horror.”

APRIL 5, 2014

We’re always having a great time on A Feast of Friends every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm on Hawaii’s Only Alternative, the Station that loves you with DJ NOCTURNA and LANA SALDANIA.

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1) Kon Kan- I beg your pardon
2) Fine Young Cannibals- She drives me crazy
3) Madness -Our house (Stretch mix)
4) Erasure- I love you
5) Gitane Demone- Revolution of love
6) Marc Almond- Jacky
7) Kate Bush- Breathing
8) Nick Cave- Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum
9) Annie Anxiety Bandez- As I lie in your arms
10) Lana Saldania- Song of a preacher man
11) Diamanda Galas- See that my grave is kept clean
12) Nina Hagen- TV Glotzer (white punks on dope)
13) Bauhaus- Who killed Mr. Moonlight ?
14) Public Image Limited- Religion
15) Tones on Tail- Lions
16) Section 25- Looking from a hilltop (mega mix)
17) Sisters of Mercy- More
18) Adam Ant- Desperate but not serious
19) Dead Can Dance- Cantara
20) Cocteau Twins- Amelia
21) Clan of Xymox- Muscoviet Mesquito
22) Peter Murphy- Cascade
23) Peter Murphy- My last two weeks


Life Guide, astrology and author Alice Inoue returned to A Feast of Friends on March 22, 2014 and this time with colleague and author Dr. Chad Sato to talk about healing your body and his book, Infinite Body Wisdom.
available here.

Lana and I would like to have them back again soon and this time to discuss the apparent phenomenon happening right now around us called “Cardinal Grand Cross,” 2014’s single most powerful astrological event that may affect everyone differently. If you are interested in knowing more about the big change ahead of us, please stay tune here for more details or check out our news and updates: www.djnocturnaandlana.com

Chad is one of the life facilitators at Happiness U. For more details visit www.yourhappinessu.com
Alice has a column in the Honolulu Star Advertiser called “Go Ask Alice.” If you can wait, you can also “Go Hear Alice” on KTUH’s A Feast of Friends.

A Feast of Friends, a music, talk show and more airs every Saturday night on KTUH 90.3 FM from 6pm-9pm with DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania. Thank you for your continued support !

Alice guest A Feast of Friends

Happiness U guest on A Feast of Friends

Nocturna interviews Alice Inoue

Alice Inoue guests KTUH

KTUH 90.3 Guests with Nocturna