JamesBondVillains AT Bar35

James Bond Theme Saturday March 29 at BAR 35

Join us this Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Bar 35 and play the MURDER MYSTERY GAME and win $100 CASH $$ if you’re the first to solve the murder mystery. “Murder, bloody murder,” she cried, and it did happened and it’s up to you to solve the mystery. Clues will be given on the night of the event so don’t be late to Bar 35.

You’ll be given a series of clues before or during the event, with one clue leading to another but it’s up to you to “physically” untangle the murder. You may be asked to perform certain tasks, seeing or listening which may involve getting involved with a stranger, a spy, a villain, or a beautiful woman.

One needs to be a good detective, quick, witty, creative and smooth to tell us whodunit. Hope you will join us so come dress for success or come dress to impress.

Also From Honolulu with Love and featured in the month of April’s “Girls of the Hawaiian Islands” calendar, there will be a special autograph signing by beautiful super model Clea Saldania-Rountree.

Join Mistress of Ceremony, Lana Saldania as DJs Nocturna, Rhombus and Gspot spins the best of the 80s and more.

If you like it “Shaken, not stirred, there will be martini drink specials too. Thank you to Universal Art
Lana Saldania, Miss Vamp Hawaii, Camera Obscura and Nephilim Halls and Sensually Yours.

FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS EVENT, GO TO www.djnocturnaandlana.com


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